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William C. Campbell, Sr.
Mary Louise Campbell    
William C. Campbell, Jr.
Henry S. Campbell       

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1710 Main Street,
Marinette, Wis.,
October 13, 1923.

My dear Cousins:-

     I will take off my hat to Will Selph for rounding up the Campbells. No one but a successful life insurance man, with that persistent follow‑up policy, would have the nerve to attempt it, and I want to congratulate him on his wonderful success which the first installment has proven.

     It is difficult for you Cousins who are permitted to see each other often, to appreciate what these letters mean to those of us who left the old home years ago to make a new one among strangers, and seldom given an opportunity to talk over incidents of our early days,‑ but I want to say frankly that

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(William Campbell Family)


your letters have done more to bring back to me my early surroundings than any thing else could possibly have done,‑ and as I read each letter it renewed in my memory many pleasant incidents never to be forgotten.

     I regret more than I can tell not having been able to attend the Cousins' Re‑union at Mabel's. [Note: The Campbell reunion, which was for all branches of our Campbells, plus Luggs & Blackwells, was held in Nelson that year, as usual. The event Mabel hosted in Mansfield was a "Cousins Dinner" - for Will's 1st cousins only (and their invited guests)-wbt] Louise and I had thought we might motor taking Bill with us that far on his way to school, but as the time passed we were obliged to give it up; however, we did go as far as Chicago with him, returning the next day; he is attending a boys' school at Deerfield, Mass.,‑ the Deerfield Academy,‑ his first year away from home; he writes that the country is beautiful there, and that he likes the school, but admits that the fellow who wrote "There's no place like home”, knew what he was talking about.

     Our family are all in the best of health, and we have enjoyed a very pleasant summer.

     I know a good joke on Tommie and must tell you. I get one letter from him each year, most always, but now under this system he will have to come through with three. More power to you Will.

                                With sincere best wishes,

                                            COUSIN WILL C. CAMPBELL

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(William Campbell Family)

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