CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 52 Myra Buck Seiders


Wenonah, N.J.,
October 17, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

     "Some people are born great,‑ some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them."
     I surely feel I belong with the latter for the honor and pleasure of being present at this letterwriting party was thrust upon me quite unexpectedly. But I am glad to be here and become acquainted again, in even this indirect way, with the Cousins I have not seen for so many years and glad to talk with those I have known more recently.
     I can simply put ditto marks under what has already been said about the idea of having this letter and say "them's my sentiments too."
     Just at present I am with Mother in Watkins for a visit. It doesn't seem quite right without Father. He always enjoyed having us come so much. I have with me our girl, Betty, who will be six in February and our boy, Billy, who has reached the mature age of six and one‑half months.
     As Cousin Tommy said, "Every crow thinks its crows the blackest", so we think our babies at least good enough to bear inspection.
     My husband is home taking care of our hardware store which gives us our bread and butter.
     If we lived nearer New York, we might see some of you more often but some of you do come to Philadelphia I am sure. How glad we would be to have you visit us. A few have and it has been a real pleasure for us. We are only twelve miles from Philadelphia and on the road to Atlantic City so you see we are easily accessible.
     If the Cousins' Dinner is at Uncle Charlie's next year, we may be fortunate enough to be present. It will be something about which to think at least.
     Thanks, Cousin Will, for asking me in.
     With kindest regards and best wishes to you all,
                      -                     Very sincerely,
                                                    COUSIN MYRA BUCK SEIDERS

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Myra Buck Seiders
William E. Seiders
Elizabeth Seiders
William E. Seiders, Jr.

Taken September, 1923

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