CCC Vol. 1 Rpt. 2 p. 58 Virginia PROTZMAN Ellison


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Photo [to be added ASAP] of

Hugh Campbell Ellison - Born April 30, 1888 (Rear)
Virginia Ellison - Born May 28, 1889 (Left)
Gertrude Ellison - Born Feb. 27, 1910 (Right)
Helen Ellison - Born July 4, 1915 (Front)
Thelma Jane Ellison - Born Sep. 30, 1920 (In arms)

Taken, October, 1923

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38 Garden Street,
Canandaigua, N.Y.,
October 14, 1923.

Dear Cousins:-

Hugh is in the Adirondack Mountains deer hunting at the present time and not knowing whether he has written to the Cousins, I will try to send our message to you.

May 1st we bought an Oldsmobile touring car and have enjoyed every minute of our summer.

Among the many pleasant trips we have taken during the summer, our trip to Mansfield to the Cousins Dinner will be remembered as one of the most enjoyable.

Our family are all very well. The two older girls, Gertrude and Helen, are in school every day, while Thelma keeps company at home for me.

Father Ellison has closed their house for the winter and has rooms at the Randolphs at Himrods. Both their girls being away at school, they felt it wasn't worth while to keep a big house going. Frances, the oldest, is in Keuka College, this being her second year, while Pauline goes to Penn Yan High School.

Father has just finished his many years of service for the New York Central Railroad, having passed his seventieth birthday this month.

Sister Edna is in Rochester with her two youngest children, Billy and Betty, and has a good position there.

The two older boys, Lynn and Donald enlisted in the Navy, on July 26th, as Pharmacists, being located in Portsmouth, Va.

Looking forward with great pleasure for the second edition of the Campbell Cousins Correspondence,


- Report No. 2 - Page 58 -

(William Campbell Family)

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