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Jennie M. Cady

Alta Cady

Taken, October, 1923

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Nelson, Pa.,

October 4, 1923.

Dear Brother and Cousins:-

I do not know of another family who have a Correspondence Club. It surely is a very satisfactory way of hearing twice a year from each Cousin. I already feel better acquainted with those who are so far away that we seldom see them.

I was so glad that Cousin Hannah Hughey proved herself such a good correspondent, as she and Aunt Jane used to keep in touch with each other and Aunt Jane would read the Western letters to all interested parties. I missed them after they ceased; hope she will come East and visit us sometime soon.

Alta is real well again after a year and three months of illness of anemia and nerve trouble,- thanks to blood and electric treatments.

Our branch of the family consists of my brother, Wm. E. Selph, his daughter Doris, and myself,- so that there are not many to write about.

- Report No. 2 - Page 59 -

(Julia Campbell Family)



We enjoyed our annual "Dinner" at Mansfield with Cousins Mabel and Llewellyn. The "Dinner" was a success in every way. I think twelve or fourteen of the First Cousins must have been there. Cousin Charles Congdon and Laura Mourie each extended us an invitation to meet with them in 1924, but it is undecided which place to go.

We took our vacation this Summer in Northern New York, including the Adirondack Mountains. Cousins Hugh and Virginia and two friends of theirs accompanied us. The mountains are beautiful. I saw fresh deer track by Moose River and almost imagined I was a hunter. We rowed to the beaver dams and houses and examined them closely; they are built of poplars about three or four inches in diameter. We caught some fish than we could eat, although our appetites were excellent. But, Oh! The horrid "punkies",smaller than the smallest fly, who were our companions night and day;- screens don't count.

My brother (our Secretary) sometimes censures are on short letters. I think he will have no reason this time.

Best wishes to all,


- Report No. 2 - Page 60 -

(Julia Campbell Family)

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