CCC Vol. 2 p. 10 Florence H. Bosard

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

211 Tenth Street, N. E.,

Washington, D. C.,

March 25, 1924

Dear Cousins and All:

I hardly know where to begin to write my first contribution to our wonderful book of letters. I am most happy to be included with the ones who are members of this fine organization.

When Cousin Will asked me to assist him as secretary I hesitated, as I was not capable of handling such a stupendous task, but on further consideration I felt it was my duty to do my part, and help to carry on the plan that had such a successful beginning. After the letters are all in, and all the books are ready to mail, I expect to realize more what Cousin Will has done for us.

We are looking forward with a great deal of pleasure to a visit from Cousins Will and Edith early in April. As this is their first visit to our capital city we are planning a pleasant time visiting, sight-seeing and talking business.

Washington seems to be a go-between for the travelers from the north and south1. We are glad, for occasionally it gives us the opportunity to see some of our friends and relatives. Cousins Tommie and Frank and Mary Shipman spent a few days with us on their way to Florida and we enjoyed them so much. I was surprised one evening soon after their visit to meet Cousin Phil Young and his wife. They were in Washington for just a few hours but it seemed good to get even a hand-shake.

I wish it was possible for all the Cousins to see our beautiful city; we do not appreciate all the wonderful things for we do not have time to enjoy them  and there are so many new things all the time. Some of the agricultural buildings are across the corner from the building where I am employed and last week we went over at lunch time to enjoy the amaryllis show. The blooms were wonderful and of course are more beautiful each year.

Mother has written a letter of some of her first knowledge of the Campbell family. I remember of seeing several of the great aunts and uncles and knew some of them real well.

Must not make my first letter too long. With best wishes to all.

Sincerely yours,

1. Most of them would have been traveling by train; it took a week to drive from PA to FL back then, in part because of the cars, but mostly because of the dirt roads and having to drive through the center of cities and towns. - wbt

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