CCC Vol. 2 p. 11 Ada Campbell SEELY Crandall

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Osceola, Pa.,

March 25, 1924

Dear Cousins:

I find the time has arrived for the Cousins letter, and I am sure we are all anxious to get our letter in the mail.

Spring has come. The robins are singing this morning. I am always glad to be alive these days.

I have had a fine winter. I spent nearly seven weeks at Nelson with Mark and Sue, and also seven at Asaph with Mahlon and Heloise. The time passed more rapidly that when at home all alone.

Mahlon is working in the Wellsboro [RR] Station at present but they still live at Asaph.

I have been very well this winter, -- much better than last.

We will soon be making gardens and how I do enjoy seeing things grow, especially the vegetables which I can for winter use1.

I wish we might get a visit from some of the western people2, -- there are so many of our Cousins who are strangers to us.

I want the Cousins to know that if they will come, there is a welcome awaiting them.

Love to all.


1. Refrigeration, other than ice boxes, wasn't available --- at home or in stores.

2. 'Western' included the cousins in MI, MN, WI & IL, not just those in OR and CA.

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(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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