CCC Vol. 2 p. 15 Jennie Selph Cady

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Nelson, Pa.

March 25, 1924

Dear Cousins:

I am alone today and wish some of the Cousins might drop in. I want to say right here that Cousin Charlie Congdon never slights me when he comes to Nelson.

I hope you have all been well and enjoyed the past winter. There is just a little snow left on the north side of the hills.

I certainly enjoyed the letter written by Cousin Phil Young, describing New Orleans. That part of the United States is not visited by tourists from this section as much as Florida, California and the New England States.

Perhaps some of the older Cousins can tell Cousin Joseph Buck the name of the town in which Grandfather Campbell was born1. I can remember hearing some of the aunts say that he was born in Argyle County, Scotland2. I think some of the Cousins must have the old record. I wish I had --- would give each a copy. 

Nelson does not increase in population very fast, but still, something seems to call the family here at times.

We seldom hear profanity on the streets. I really think Nelson has a good class of people.

Most of us like the stories told by the older members of the family. I jotted down a few as Aunt Jane related them to me one day while there and some time I will send them with my letter.

With best wishes to all,


1. We still don't know that. Nor county or even country for sure. We do know that his younger brother James was born in N. Ireland.

2. Researchers I spoke to at Edinboro's National Register (where birth, death, and marriage records are kept and are now on-line), and at the National Archives (where other documents such as wills, deeds, estate censuses, etc. are stored) said that church records (the only one's that were made back then) frequently did not include births, marriages or deaths of ordinary citizens. More important, they pointed out that 'Joseph' was a very rare name in Argyll at that time, so it was likely that he was born elsewhere. They felt the records most likely to contain our Campbells and Hazletts were wills and deeds. Unfortunately, those are stored by county and parish, so if you do not know where someone lived, you have little chance of ever finding their records --- which fill a large building.

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