CCC Vol. 2 p. 24 Minnie Tubbs Clark

Osceola, Pa.,

April 3, 1924

Dear Cousins:

The time has come to write another letter to our Cousins. I enjoyed the letter and pictures so much. Some of the second Cousin's children I have never seen, -- of course, those residing in the West. I hope we will get the rest of the pictures this time.

Well, I guess the Cousins in Osceola are as well as usual. I do not see the others very often. We go down to Nelson once in a while.

We have been having quite a snowstorm for April fool, -- it snowed all day here. The farmers came into farmers came into town with sleigh.

Well, there is not very much I think of to write about. I stay at home in the winter. Quite a good run of [maple] sap. Sister Ann has five trees tapped and is very busy making syrup. Alta was here a few days ago for a short visit. Jennie Cady has not been here this winter.

I hope we can all go to the Cousins Dinner this year. It will be a grand trip by auto1.

My family are all well, except colds, which are very common.

I hope all fifty Cousins will get their letter in for this report, -- they only have one to do this year, -- a very good plan. They see each other once a year at the Reunion2. I try to attend the Reunion every year. I will go as long as I can, Ma planned on the reunion every year as long as she could go.

Will close with these few lines. Do not think of anything more.

Sincerely yours,


1. To be held at Cousin Charlie Congdon's summer home, in Marshalls Falls, PA (near Stroudsburg). But for some that was to far so they attended an alternate dinner held locally at the home of Laura BOSARD Mourey.. - wbt

2. The Reunions, held in or near Nelson in the summer, were for descendants of the 1748 Joseph Campbell, but Luggs & Blackwells were encouraged to attend. The Cousins Dinners were held at more widely scattered locations, often in early fall, and were for the descendants of the 1793 Joseph Campbell, and were by invitation only.

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(Jane Campbell Family)

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