CCC Vol. 2 p. 26 Louise Congdon

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Mission Ridge Road,

Santa Barbara, California,

April 1, 1924

Dear Cousins:

Greetings from California! Wish you might all visit this glorious country, -- some of you have and more of you will some day, I hope. Words fail me in describing it. You will just have to come and see for yourselves.

Mother and Bernice and I have been out here for more than two years and love it more all the time, -- but regret very much that papa is so many miles away1. He visited us here last summer as you all know from his glowing report last fall. It was fine having him here, only we wish he might have stayed longer.

We have a cunning little cottage on the tip top of Mission Ridge, -- nine hundred feet above the sea -- overlooking the town of Santa Barbara and the old Pacific, with three lovely islands twenty-five miles in the distance,(they look to be only five miles away), -- and on the other side are the wonderful mountains; -- we look out of the window at them.

However, we have not gone back to our beautiful Pennsylvania country and Mother and I are planning to go back there2 this summer where we can be near papa.

Cousin Georgia Parks visited us for a short time in January. We enjoyed having her so much. It has been a good many years since we had seen her.

It will be very interesting reading all the spring letters from the Cousins. This certainly was a splendid idea of Cousin Will's.

With love and kindest wishes to all of the Cousins from the "Charlie Congdon Family" -- Anna R., Bernice, and Louise,



1. NYC. - wbt

2. Their summer home at Marshalls Falls, PA, near Stroudsburg. - wbt

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