CCC Vol. 2 p. 32 Clifford Young

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

19 Burtis Avenue,

Rockville Centre, L. I.

April 8, 1924

Dear Cousins:

Just a brief word of cordial greetings to you all!

Probably like the rest of my Cousins, in reply to my Cousin's letter, I immediately asked what I should write about, and was told to write about myself. That isn't much to write about, but here goes.

The life of a clergyman in a metropolitan suburb offers plenty of variety in its own way, yet there isn't much that would be of newsy interest to others. My church is raising funds for a Manse, and I am hoping to be married before long and "settle down" in that long-looked-for home of my own.

I hope this will find you well and happy, and shall be glad to hear from you individually.

Sincerely yours,


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(John H. Campbell Family)

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