CCC Vol. 2 p. 46 Emma Congdon Buck

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

117 Second Street,

Watkins, N. Y.,

April 13, 1924

Dear Cousins:

It is time for another letter from each one of us to all the rest of us. We have been reminded by the various officials of our organization1 to be on time, so I can put it off no longer. I have been looking over the October letters thinking perchance I might get inspiration and as we look at a beautiful picture again and again, each time discovering some new beauty, I seemed to read in the letters an added value and many fine thoughts I had not noticed before; and the thought comes to me that we ought to write carefully and thoughtfully for these letters will be read long after we are gone. Think how we would prize letters like these written by our parents; they would have been invaluable to us.

When we wrote our last letters, a long winter was before us. I think perhaps a few of us rather dreaded its approach; but the time has slipped away, just one day at a time, each day, I trust, filled with our best endeavors; and now before we hardly know it, spring is here. Of those who wrote last October, not one has been parted from us by death.

We will all miss Emma Parks from our gatherings and most sincerely sympathize with Cousin Jim; a few of us know by experience the bitterness of his sorrow.

With me the winter has passed uneventfully. Have had two or three colds and must confess I begin to feel some of the infirmities of age, but even so, I am coming along pretty well. One of the pleasures of the winter has been the frequent visits of Brother Charlie. Would that I might see Ed oftener.

Just after Thanksgiving, Charlie and I went to Mansfield2, then from there to Nelson, then to Elmira3 and home to Watkins. I did not want to go. Said I did not feel able, but he just made me go with him; he said I he knew it would not hurt me at all. After we reached home, he did not ask me if I had enjoyed the trip, so I did not tell him; but if he had asked, I should have said, "Yes, I've had a splendid time everywhere."

1. The Campbell Cousins Correspondence Club.

2. PA

3. NY

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(Sarah Campbell Family)


I think to many of us, there is no place quite like the old Cowanesque Valley. As Cousin Jessie4 said at one of the Re-unions, "Nelson, our meeting place, until we join those gone on before."

Charley has visited me three times since; we talk about everyone of you, maybe criticize you a little, but we love you all just the same.

Here in Watkins, I belong to two or three small organizations and in attending them, I get great pleasure and I trust some profit. I greatly enjoy the Church; and the Bible Class, which consists of women about my own age. I like what Mary Hughey says in regard to "conviction of sin."5 A little thought along this line might be good for us all.

I have a high school girl who has been with me nearly two years. She is a fine young girl and I enjoy having her with me.

Suppose I will spend most of the summer in New Jersey with my children as I did last year.

Anticipating great pleasure in reading the next number of our letters and hoping to meet you at Marshall Falls this Fall6, I am

Very sincerely,


4. It's hard to be certain which 'Jessie' Emma was quoting. It might possibly have been Jessie CAMPBELL Ellison, but the Campbell Reunions didn't start until 1894, and she died in 1900. Emma may have been referring to my mother, Jessica HOYT Thompson who attended some of the more recent reunions.

5. See Mary's letter of Oct. 13, 1923 . - wbt

6. That year, the "Cousins Dinner" (which was originally only for the grandchildren of Joseph & Ann Clinch Campbell and invited guests had recently been expanded to include the next generation) was held that year in Marshall Falls (near Stroudsburg, PA), at the summer home of Cousin Charlie Congdon. That was the only time a Cousins Dinner was held so far away from Nelson. Cousin Laura BOSARD Mowrey held an alternate dinner, for those who couldn't, or didn't want to, travel to Charlie's. "Cousins Dinners" were held in the fall. "Campbell Reunions", which were for everyone, were held in the summer.   

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(Sarah Campbell Family)

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