CCC Vol. 2 p. 60 Ford Owlett

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Knoxville, Pa.,

April 8, 1924

Dear Cousins:

It is with pleasure that I again write a letter for the Cousins report. There is not much news for me to write about as I am here alone in Knoxville.

Have been very busy this winter. While it has been a long winter, we did not have much snow and there was no ice harvested1 here 'til after February 1st.

This spring seems a little late; it was only last night that I heard the peepers for the first time and the old saying is that they must freeze up three times.

Yesterday after church and after I had my dinner, I took the "Ford" and drove down home, -- got stuck in the mud but after a little effort got through all right and reached home. Found Father and Mother alone.

The boys2 have been home most of this winter but springtime scatters them again. They have made some fine syrup3 and sugar3. Mother says the best sugar season they have ever had.

About Thanksgiving time when I had been down home I met Cousin Charlie Congdon on the train. He says the Cousins are coming to Stroudsburg4 for the Annual Dinner. I am sure that will be wonderful and I hope that it will be so that I can meet with you all.

It is with much pleasure that I have read the last report and I am sure this one will be just as interesting, though I may fall down on my part.

Trusting this finds you all well and hoping for a bright and happy summer, I am.

Very truly,


1. Ice blocks were cut in the winter, then stored in ice houses under sawdust and straw for insulation, for later use in ice boxes. - wbt.

2. Several of Ford's brothers worked on farms in Niagara Co. and Orleans Co., in NY during farming weather.

3. Maple.

4. It was held at Marshalls Creek, about 13 miles from Stroudsburg. Charlie had a summer home there, with a view of Marshalls Falls. In addition to overseeing his music publishing company in NYC, Charlie bought a Pocono resort hotel that adjoined his property. The hotel had formerly been a sanitorium. So there was no problem having room for people to stay. The properties were eventually purchased by Smithfield Township, which will turn them into a park.

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