CCC Vol. 2 p. 78 Henry S. Campbell

1710 Main Street,

Marinette, Wisconsin,

April 15, 1924

My dear Cousins:

To be able to write a Round Robin to so many of my kin is really a treat for me, and the volume of letters is of great interest.

Since I am one of the few Western Cousins, I presume I should come through with a wild and wooly addition to the Campbell letters and perhaps even wax poetic over the great open spaces, et cetera. Unfortunately, I have long since discarded spurs and chaps, so can offer you nothing of the romance of our famed Golden West.

If our strenuous April showers permit, Dad and I will go into intensive training, shortly, for the family golf trophy must be wrestled from my brother Bill as soon as he returns from school1. Though he has been a long time "too busy," Dad has finally joined his two sons and has become quite a golf bug.

If my plans materialize, Dad and Mother will motor East in June to bring the brother home from school and I'm sure they will renew acquaintances in as many localities as their time will permit. You see, I am still very much unattached and will have ample time to direct the Campbell interests during their leave of absence.

Dad came closer to calling on Uncle Tommie in St. Petersburg this winter than any previous year, so I really believe his motor jaunt will go through.

Anxiously awaiting the next edition of "The Campbell Cousins Conduct," I am,

Yours very sincerely,

1. Deefield Academy prep school in Deerfield, MA --- wbt.

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