CCC Vol. 2 p. 79 Frank G. Horton

2094 East Clinton Street,

Portland, Oregon,

April 11, 1924

My dear Cousins:

The last volume of Cousin letters is certainly an inspiration to wish to be in the next one.

It is truly wonderful to find how the seed has scattered and taken root in so many distant corners and yet through the happy thought of Cousin Will, the links are connected and the chain is complete.

We as you all know are out "Where the West begins" and while we think we live in a wonderful part of the country, with ideal climate, all of the beauties of nature, and a spirit born in the West, there is still something lacking to complete the ideal, for while one makes friends and has many pleasant acquaintances, there is no one so near and dear as our "ain haim1 folk."

Portland is known as the Rose City for we have over two hundred miles of rose-lined streets which bloom nine months of the year; the climate is never severe although we have a rainy season from November to March. This has been a very dry winter all over the Pacific Coast States, consequently a very pleasant one, and a very early spring; all fruits are in blossom and the markets are full of green stuff; my garden looks fine and we have been eating rhubarb for some time.

I am looking forward to the time when we can attend one of the Campbell Re-unions and while St. Petersburg is a long way from Portland, Uncle Tommie and Aunt Frank are not safe in making a bid for the next convention unless they expect to charge regular rates.

with greetings from Oregon and love to all,


1. For those of you less familiar with Scottish dialect than Frank was, it's "our home" --- wbt.

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