CCC Vol. 2 p. 88 Mary Bosard Snavely

211 Tenth Street, N. E.,

Washington, D. C.,

April 15, 1924

Dear Cousins:

Some time ago Cousin Will hinted that one more letter was needed to complete the number he desired for this volume, and suggested that I fill the missing link. After many reminders from him, I admitted that I was only waiting until their1 promised visit to us was a reality -- then I expected to do my bit.

We did have a wonderful visit with Cousins Will and Edith which was altogether too short. We did not know Edith very well, -- some of us not at all, -- but as many of you know by past experience, it did not take long for us to get acquainted with her and learn to love her, -- and to renew the old acquaintance and friendship with Cousin Will.

We spent some very happy days visiting and sightseeing, -- Washington looked very pretty and gay in its new spring attire. The famous Japaness [sic] cherry trees were in their prime, -- throwing a bower of magnificent bloom over the historic old Potomac River.

Will thinks he has a joke on me, and I suppose he has, for when I went to the station to meet them, I let them walk past me unnoticed and when I reached home, I found that they had arrived at #211 ahead of me.

Sorry as we were to have the friends leave us, it was my pleasure to again go to the station this time to see them safely aboard the train for New Jersey, thus trying to redeem myself. I will let you be the Judge and the Jury to decide.

Washington scarcely seems kike itself this spring, because of the backward condition of vegetation. However, hot weather will be here with a rush very soon, and then we will forget that we had an eight inch snow storm on April 1st.

1. The visit by Will, his wife Edith, and their daughter Doris, described in Edith's letter - wbt.

- Volume #2 - Page #88 -
(Eleanor Campbell Family)


As the other members of my family2 have written a letter for this edition of the Campbell Cousins Correspondence, there is little of personal matter left for me to write. Right here, though, I must express to Cousin Will my deep appreciation of the wonderful work he is doing, in bringing together the thoughts and interests of those dear to each other, who perhaps might never think to write individual letters. His generosity, both materially and financially, is almost limitless.

My husband and son extend kindest greetings to those whom they have met, and to the others, with the hope that they may meet and know them all in the near future.

Very sincerely,


2. Her mother, Jennie CRANE Bosard; and sister, Florence H. Bosard (later Neal) - wbt.

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(Eleanor Campbell Family)

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