CCC Vol. 2 p. 90 Jerome C. Buck

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

Colonial Inn,

Elmira, N. Y.,

April 25, 1924

Dear Cousins:

Although this is the first time I have written in, I have not much to say as Mother brought my activities about up to date in her last letter.

After leaving college last June, I devoted the summer months to selling cars, with indifferent success. The latter part of September, I started to work for an investment banking house in Buffalo. After taking about a month's preliminary training in that city, I returned to Elmira in November to start in my work as a bond salesman. Selling bonds has given me a lot of wonderful experience but unfortunately that item does not show up in your bank account.

At present, I am negotiating for another job out of town, which, if it materializes, will present a wonderful opportunity. I severed my connection with the Buffalo house about a month ago but am dealing independently in bonds until I become permanently located.

Just at present I am in Philadelphia, having driven down from Elmira yesterday. I expect to stay here today to see the Penn Relays and then travel down to Princeton for the weekend. After that, I expect to include New York in my itinerary. After I really start to work, vacations will be so limited that I want to surfeit myself now so as to make up for the drought that is coming.

Being in Elmira so much of the time, I have been enabled to see many of the Cousins. However, I feel that I have not kept in touch with them as I might, but I hope to rectify this condition.

The Cousins Book seems to be the logical way of keeping the ties closer and promises to be even more valuable in that respect as years go on. I hope to make my next contribution more interesting.



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