CCC Vol. 2 p. 91 Will Selph

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

217 Broadway,

New York City,

April 26, 1924


- By the Secretary -

* * *

This is Station F-H-B1 of Washington, D. C., and Station W-E-S2 of New York City, broadcasting stations of the Campbell Cousins Correspondence Club. You have just listened to a fine lot of letters from the Campbell Cousins from all parts of the United States, extending from old New England to the state of Washington and from California to Florida, with a goodly number of intermediate points, and with the added pleasure of a nice letter all the way from Paris, France. We trust you have enjoyed our broadcasting program. If so, we hope you will write a letter to our new Secretary, Miss Florence Bosard, #211 Tenth Street, N.E. Washington, D. C. Such letters will be duly appreciated and we trust that in April 1925 all members of the Campbell Cousins Correspondence Club will be ready and anxious to listen in again. Please stand by for further announcements later this year, at which time our Secretary will have some suggestions to make regarding our program for 1925.


After considerable correspondence between the new officers and quite a number of other Cousins, it was finally decided that one exchange of letters between the Cousins each year would perhaps be better than two or more. With this thought in mind, April 15th3 was finally decided upon as the date on which all letters from the various Cousins should be in the hands of the Secretary. You will at once observe that there is considerable improvement in the material submitted for Volume #2, -- but that we have reduced the expense of the binder4, paper, etc. Our desire has been to give the cousins just the finest kind of a real treat possible at a minimal outlay of expense. We are very glad indeed that more of the Cousins are taking advantage of our system or correspondence We have in reality brought out three exchanges of

1. Florence Hortense Bosard, the incoming secretary -- wbt.

2. William Edward Selph Jr., the retiring secretary --- wbt.

3. Back then Apr 15th was not the filing date for income taxes. That honor fell on Mar 15th --- wbt.

4. Vol. 1 was distributed in a ring binder. Vol 2. in a spring clip binder. Vols 3 & 4 were hard bound --- wbt.

- Volume #2 - Page #91 -
(William Campbell Family)


letters in about ten months, the first one being in June, 1923, the second one in October, 1923 and the third one in April 1924. Our first exchange of letters was participated in by twenty-three Cousins, the second exchange jumped up to forty-eight and now we have made still further advance by going to fifty-eight. This is indeed a fine record and only shows what can be done when we all pull together.


Congratulations are due all of the Cousins for the fine letters they have written. There certainly seems to be an unlimited amount of talent along literary lines in the Campbell Clan once we get the cousins stirred up. We might, however, refer to Cousin Em Buck's remark in the first paragraph in her letter where she states that "our letters ought to be written carefully and thoughtfully, inasmuch as these letters will be read and re-read long after we are gone." We would like to suggest that each of the Cousins keep a special memorandum pad on which to write down little items of interest which would make nice reading, for the Cousins book. By adopting this method, all of the Cousins will find that it will be a very easy matter to write a most interesting letter when the time comes.


We have been a little disappointed at not not receiving more photographs for our present book. Our photographic number last October was simply superb, but more photographs should have been shown. Will all the Cousins please keep in mind the matter of photographs and whenever you are having a family gathering with all members of your family present, will you kindly take the trouble to have some photographs taken and sent in so that they may appear in the Cousins Book from time to time?


We are again giving you a page showing from which states the Cousins Letters have come.


If you have not already done so, kindly date, sign and return to Cousin Florence the little postal card

- Volume #2 - Page #92 -
(William Campbell Family)


attached to the first pages of your new book, -- in order that she may know that you have received your book in good condition.


As promised last fall, we have been able to perfect our organization and you will find the names and addresses of our President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer at the beginning of this book. The writer is very glad indeed to have been able to secure the services of such a fine lot of second cousins5 to take over the work of continuing our Correspondence Club. Our future success however, will depend very largely upon the interest which each Cousin manifests in our undertaking and we desire again to impress upon you one and all of the necessity of cooperating to the fullest extent.


In the event of a change of address of any Cousin will you please take the trouble to promptly advise our secretary, Cousin Florence H. Bosard, 211 Tenth Street,N. E., Washington, D. C.? Just now we are in doubt as to the correct addresses of two or three Cousins whose letters are very much wanted to include in our present book.


The writer has been working for several weeks by means of correspondence and a questionaire [sic] in an effort to bring out a genealogy chart6 of the Joseph Campbell Family which would be authentic and correct in every respect up to May 1st, 1924. The dream has been realized and it is hoped that sometime during the month of May you may receive such a chart, sent out to you with my complements. This chart will cover the genealogy of the first, second, third and fourth generations of the Joseph Campbell family, -- and it is hoped that the present officers of our Correspondence Club will within the next one or two years, by a system of Correspondence and questionnaires, take up the work of the chart where it leaves off and bring it up to date. It is suggested that as soon as you receive your genealogy chart you will immediately have it framed in order that the glass will prevent the chart from becoming mutilated, soiled, or injured in any way. One hundred of these charts will be prepared so that every first and second Cousin in the Joseph Campbell Family may have a copy and there will still be a few left over for future distribution.

5. By "second cousins" he's referring to the great-grandchildren of Joseph Campbell and wife Ann Clinch -- wbt.

6. A number of us still have, and treasure, one of Will's charts. They are large, and were carefully lettered by a draftsman, so they may have cost him a lot to produce. If you'd like one, copies of Will's Chart are usually available at Campbell reunions. -wbt.

- Volume #2 - Page #93 -
(William Campbell Family)


Such a chart is something we have longed to possess and now that we are to have it, it is hoped that each one will prize it highly. It will serve to answer many questions as to names, dates, places, etc., which in the past have sometimes been a matter of guesswork but with our charts for reference will now be automatic. It has, of course,m been assumed that all material sent in by the various Cousins has been correct. If such be the case, then the chart is absolutely correct7.


It is suggested that when your genealogy chart has been received, you will from it make up a list of your various Cousins, arranging them from January to December, according to dates. Would it not be a fine idea to occasionally send a post card pr letter to a Cousin whose birthday or wedding day is approaching? Yes! But how much cheer this would bring! Think it over, Cousins, and if the idea seems to be a good one, it is suggested that you adopt it.


Notwithstanding the fact that our present Book has covered many more Cousins than our last exchange of letters, yet we seem never to be satisfied. We have purposely held the book open an extra week hoping each day that letters from more of the Cousins might be received. We have even sent out special hurry-up leters hoping thereby to give you more letters and a larger book. However, we are sure that the Cousins not writing this year will come back good and strong in 1925 and make up for lost time. Some of those whom we had fully expected to hear from are as follows: Cousins Grace Carey, Mahlon Crandall, Treva Hazlett, Edna Wright, Ruth Mandeville, Mary Shewman8, Emily Blanchard, Frank Hoyt8, Jessie Thompson, Elizabeth Walker, Lee Congdon and Georgia Parks8.


All the Cousins will be glad to know that the expense has been kept down to the lowest minimum consistent in giving you any kind of a good Book. The binder itself is a very simple affair and he paper used h0000000000as been regular mimeographing paper The gilt lettering which appeared on Volume #1 has been omitted from Volume #2. By economizing in this way, the cost of the present book has

7. He later sent out an addendum off additions and corrections-- wbt.

8. Her letter was received after the "closing date", but added to the back of the book -- wbt.

- Volume #2 - Page #94 -
(William Campbell Family)


been kept to $4.00 whereas last year's Volume was $8.00. It has been decided not to send out any bills whatever om connection with Volume #2, but we ask that each Cousin desiring to pay for his or her book shall kindly draw and send a check for $4.00 payable to our Treasurer, Mary B. Snavely, 211 Tenth Street, N. E., Washington, D. C. who will hereafter receive payment for the Cousins Books.

In connection with cthe item of expense, we wish to say that it is our firm desire that each one of our first and second Cousins should possess a copy of our Book of Letters, except possibly in cases where two or more Cousins are in the same home and where one Book would be amply sufficient. A little fund has been created to take care of the expense of any Cousin who does not feel able to pay for his or her Book and we do not want any Cousin to feel the least bit timid about receiving a Book on the above account, as provision has already been made to perpetuate our Correspondence Club, up to as many of the Campbell Cousins as will contribute letters for the book.

The writer did not write a regular letter for the Cousins Book as the Selph family seems to be pretty well represented already9. The wife has told you about the fine trip we had to Washington, D. C. a few days ago. Cousin Jennie Bosard and entire family certainly gave us a royal good time and one we will not soon forget. We only wish our stay could have been longer but the Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters were coming into my office in every mail and it was necessary for me to be back on the job here in New York.

In closing we certainly hope that every Campbell Cousin may live long and prosper and that the coming year may have in store for you all the good things you yourself had hoped for.

We are as yet undecided about a trip in Tioga County this summer but it is more than likely that we will roll up there for a short visit just to see some of the dear faces once again.

With love and best wishes and trusting we will all be on time with our Cousins letter in April, 1925, believe me,

Very sincerely yours,


9. By letters from his daughter and from his wife -- wbt.

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(William Campbell Family)

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