CCC Vol. 2 p. 96 Frances Goodrich Hoyt

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

16 College Street,

Binghamton, N. Y.,

April 22, 1924

Dear Cousins:

Am very sure that Cousin Will Selph has never been grandmother to three babies1 with measles or he would not have asked me to write a letter even as important as the Cousins Correspondence letter.

We have not only had measles but measles plus. Baby Henry has had bronchitis and an abscess in both ears and a sixteen month old baby with all that trouble is considerable care. However, we hope they are all on the road to complete recovery.

As Isabelle has written the family letter since I have been here2 you will have to pardon me if we tell the same story.

Talked with Betty last evening. They have a dandy baby boy but think Joseph will always come first with his "Gram."3 He has just had his half term examinations and passed all his subjects above ninety, which I think pretty good for an eight year old boy.

Am afraid Tom, Jess' boy, will not be able to go back to school this year. He has a slight valvular heart trouble and measles have left him far from strong.

Isabelle wrote yesterday from Atlantic City that she was enjoying her Easter vacation4 very much She expects to visit Philadelphia and Harrisburg on her way home.

Anticipating much pleasure from the Cousins letters, I extend greetings to you all from Jessica and myself.

Very truly yours,


1. Walter Frederich "Tom" Thompson, Jr., Anne Elizabeth THOMPSON Gibson, McCard & Henry Goodrich Thompson. - wbt

2. Frances lived most of the year with her youngest daughter, Isabelle, prioor to Isabelle's death, but my mother [Jessica] was a teacher, so she needed childcare when my siblings were sick. I was not yet part of the scene in 1924 (nor for quite a while after) - wbt

3. Joe was her first grandchild. - wbt

4. Isabelle was a P.E. teacher. - wbt

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