Campbell Cousins Correspondence

219 Third Avenue, North,

St. Petersburg, Florida,

April 23, 1924

My dear Aunts, Uncles and Cousins:

I think all of you know from preceding letters that we are living in the Sunny South.

"Cousin Tommy" seemed to have so many strings to his kite, that he prevailed upon us to come here and hang on to the one attached to the Campbell House1 for a time. Consequently, we sold our business2 in Rochester, N. Y., shipped our few possessions and have taken charge of the Hotel, while my father and mother, with Aunt Mary Shipman and the Pratts are living in a new house which my father and Uncle Espencer Pratt have built this winter.

We have had a very pleasant and successful season with anticipations of a two month trip up North during the summer. However, the House is filling up with summer guests, as fast as the winter visitors are leaving, which makes us think we are in a summer resort as well as a winter playground.

All three of the children are here with us, the two boys are in school, while Frances is busy at home.

We are anxiously looking forward to the receipt of the annual letters.

Yours most cordially,


1. A small hotel owned by "Tommie". Most guests came for the winter and ate in the dining room --- wbt.

2. They owned and operated some movie theaters --- wbt

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(William Campbell Family)

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