CCC Vol. 3 p. 1 Anna McWilliams Congdon

Campbell Cousins Correspondence

200 Fifth Avenue,

New York, N.Y.,

March 5, 1925.

To the Campbell Cousins:

I do not regard it as necessary that I introduce myself to your circle. It is more in the nature of an apology or regret that I am prompted to write for the immortal collection.

Many of you know that previous to last summer the house at Marshalls Falls1 had been at the mercy of strangers for three years, and much that I would have done to right and restore therein was not possible between August and October twenty-second2.

After the Cousins Dinner was over and all had departed for their homes, it was plainly revealed as my part to stay at Marshalls Falls and further the "bringing to order" of the chaotic state, and also prepare as much as possible for cold weather and the closing of the house until springtime.

During those weeks there alone, I enjoyed what had not been my privilege in many years - the looking through and classifying of our books, some of which brought to mind memories sad, but sweet, of "those long loved and lost awhile". A number bore the name of grand- or great grand-parents.

The book that especially called forth this "regret" was the New Testament of my husband's mother, in which were bits of her own writing and markings. Paramount and almost startling to me, were these lines:

Sarah Campbell's Book - 1851
"God give you Grace, herein to look,
     "That you may run the Blessed Race,
     "And never from The Truth depart,
     "Then, Heaven through Christ will be
         your rest."
I opened and read where I saw a piece of cardboard with red wool ornamentation - it was the ninth chapter of Acts - wonderful revelation!

1. Anna's husband, Charlie Congdon, not only bought a summer home next to the falls, he also bought and operated, an adjoining resort hotel, Titania House all, of which is now being turned into a park by the township.

2. Oct. 22, 1924 was the date of the "Cousins Dinner", which that year was held at Charlie and Anna's summer home, in Marshalls Falls, PA, near Stroudsburg. It was the only time a Campbell Cousins Dinner was held that far away, prompting an alternate dinner hosted by Laura BOSARD Mowrey, for those who couldn't, or didn't wish to, travel that far. Their summer home had been rented out for 3 years because Anna & Charlie's daughter, Louise, had been ill and Anna and her daughters, Louise and Bernice, stayed in CA and AZ for Louise to convalesce.

Volume III - Page 1
(Sarah Campbell Family)

On the fly leaf in the back is written:

"Years have gone and passed away
      Since this book was given to me.

Sarah Congdon

To C. H. Congdon - 1882 - "

Could I but have called you back for a glimpse into that Book, and each of us have received our vision of "that Blessed Race" and our "eternal resting place" where "they go no more out forever"!

Yours, in fond appreciation,


Volume III- Page 2
(Sarah Campbell Family)

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