CCC Vol. 3 p. 4 Charles Owlett

Elkland, Pa.,

March 29, 1925.

Dear Campbell Cousins:

Well, as you have urged me to write, I'll try and say a few words.

I have a nice fat boy to add to your list of cousins. His name is Charles Butler Owlett. He was eight months old the twentieth of this month. Marth [sic] Ann was four years old the tenth of February, but she doesn't walk yet1. However, she is gaining every day now, and we are hoping that she can walk before long.

We have just attended church. Mr. Alty preached a wonderful sermon on the works of the Holy Ghost in the lives of men. I have been a little unfortunate this winter. Was out of work about three months, but business is picking up some now.

We were all glad to see Mother Owlett back home with us again after her Washington trip.

Best wishes to all the cousins,

1. Reportedly Martha had polio plus some developmental problems and was cared for all her life by her very dedicated mother.


Volume III - Page 4
(Eleanor Campbell Family)

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