CCC Vol. 3 p. 23 Minnie Tubbs Clark

Lock Box 151,

Osceola, Pa.,

March 30, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

We are again called upon to exchange letters. I hope that this year we shall receive one from each of the cousins. Some of them have gone from our midst by reason of death. We can't get over Ross's death. He was such a useful man. He is very much missed by the company.

Cousin Ada had a bad loss by fire. She is now living in the Seely house next door to me. Mrs. Seely died very suddenly, after being sick only one hour.

Today we are having March winds, all right, and snow and rain. Well, I guess we shall have spring sometime.

Anne was just in and reminded me about my letter, saying that it should reach New York by the first of April. I am so glad to receive the letters. I can't wait to get and read them all. They come from so many different states and cities.

Well, I cannot think of very much to write. I stay at home most of the time during the winter, but I have been to Nelson once this winter. Alta Cady comes in quite often.1 I have not been up on the farm since New Year's Day.

I see in the Nelson items that Ann Owlett is home. I was glad she visited New York [City]. I heard part of President Coolidge's fine inaugural address over the radio2.

Will still works at carpenter work3 and likes it very much.

Well, I guess that I have written enough for this time.

Love to all the cousins,


1. Alta's wife, Jennie Selph, was adopted by Minnie's parents.

2. Radio was starting to become a significant part of people's lives.

3. Will often worked with Lee Smith Tubbs, brother-in-law of Cousin Frances (Goodrich) Hoyt, and grandfather of Cousin Ande Tubbs' husband.

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