CCC Vol. 3 p. 38 Jessie Owlett Leonard

Nelson, Pa.,

March 31, 1925.

Dear Cousins:

I have never written to the Cousins Correspondence Club before, and have waited this time until the last moment for I felt a little timid, and besides I am a very poor hand at writing, as my sister and brothers could tell you.

I can't tell you much about my family as there isn't much to tell. We haven't any children - just my husband and myself - and he is away working most of the time.

I guess we are all glad to see the spring, for I think this has been a long and lonesome winter. Most of you know of my Father's sudden death in September. Then Mother went to Washington in November. She is back home now and we were all glad to see her again. I hated to have her go, but was glad she could be with Aunt Jennie.

I think those genealogy charts Will Selph sent out were fine.1

I will close with best wishes to all,


1. In 1924, Will Selph mailed out a "genealogy chart" showing all the descendants as of that tim, of Joseph Campbell (1793 - 1864) & Ann Clinch (1804 - 1872). He called it a "chart, but it looked rather like a modern spreadsheet --- but handmade by a draftsman, Gathering the data data must have been a major effort from Will, and lots of cooperation from the Cousins. Many of us till have one of those original copies. Having a master handmade, all those copies printed by a printer, and mailing one out to each of the Cousins must have been expensive, but Will did it as a gift. It's fairly large, so it would not be a good candidate to show as a web page. It could be put on the web as a high res. JPEG file, but would require several 8.5 x 11 pages to print out and tape together. I once made a spreadsheet version, spending many hours to make it mimic the appearance the orignal as closely as possible. It would be a lot of effort to do the equivalent in HTML as a table. The best option for those who would like a copy is to come to our 2014 reunion and make a donation. 

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