CCC Vol. 4 p. 1 William E. Selph, Jr.

#217 Broadway,

New York City, N.Y.,

April 26th, 1926.


Dear Cousins:-

Our book of letters for this year must be closed this morning and this particular letter should really be the last in the book rather than the first, - but I wanted to say a word to you all at the very beginning of the book.

In our endeavor to make our book this year as interesting and dignified as possible, you will note that we have been favored with letters from a very few very close friends of the Campbell family. These letters I am sure will be very much appreciated by us all.

At the Cousins Dinner last fall we were fortunate in having three photographs taken, and these have been  reproduced in this year's book.

Through the suggestion and kindness of Cousin Mary Hughey of Brainerd, Minn., we have been able to include two very valuable historical papers written by Aunt Jane Tubbs, -- "Mother's Memoir" probably written in the late 90's and a "History of the Campbells", read at the Campbell Reunion in August, 1901 - twenty-five years ago. As a matter of permanent record for us all I could think of nothing better than to have these valuable papers reproduced in our book of this year. The hardships and privations of those early days are most vividly portrayed in these papers.

We were also fortunate to have at hand, just in time, a complete account of the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Tommie and Frank Campbell down in St. Petersburg, Fla., and this has been reproduced in our book.

Although we have been somewhat disappointed at not hearing from many of the Cousins, yet we have a most interesting book and I sincerely hope all of the Cousins and friends will thoroughly enjoy reading same.

Very truly yours,


Volume IV- Page 1
(Julia Campbell Family)

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