CCC Vol. 4 p. 5 James M. Parks

Harrison Valley, Pa.,

June 11th, 1925.

Friend Will:-

Yours of June 1st is at hand. I received the book and acknowledge same. Say, you do not know how I appreciate your kindness in making it possible for me to have one of those books. C. H. Congdon sent one to Em and me to read, -- the first issue -- and we returned it. I appreciate Jud Seely's thoughtfulness in giving my name as one to receive the Cousins Book of letters. But this time my wife was not present1 with me to talk about the different composers of those letters, which keeps the chain of relationship together. 

I cannot comprehend the effort you have give to complete such a book. I take pride in showing it to some people who are capable of realizing the effort such an undertaking requires.

I hope you and your wife can make me a visit. My sister-in-law is keeping the house open and making it possible for me to have a home.

I spent three months last winter in Florida and California, but was glad to come back to my own home.

Very truly yours,


1. She died in 1924.

Volume IV- Page 5
(Special Letter)

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