CCC Vol. 4 p.13 Lena SEELY Goodrich

Nelson, Pa.,

March 10, 1926.

Dear Cousins:-

Cheer Up! Spring is coming. A few birds have made their appearance, although they departed immediately; and the usual letter reminding us of our duty to the "Campbell Clan", has arrived. We regret that it was necessary to reprove us for our negligence. I had not forgotten that the letter was due but was thinking of it and wondering what I could write that would be of interest.

My life is such an uneventful one. Have you ever stopped to think what it would mean to be deprived of the pleasure of conversing with one's friends, never to hear a word spoken a sermon preached, a church bell or a message over the telephone or the radio? Can you doubt that it is very hard task for me to write a letter, when I live in an entirely different world? But I must not weary you with my trials, - I have much to be thankful for. Father, mother, and myself have had a very comfortable winter; no serious illness or trouble except our anxiety over Aunt Ada who has been ill all winter.

We were very sorry to hear of the tragic death of Cousin Phil Young and wish to extend our sympathy to the family.

I was not able to attend the Cousins Dinner at Cousin Minnie Clark's but father and mother went and reported a fine time.

We think that the picture of the first Cousins of the Joseph Campbell Family is splendid, - every face being good.

We are eager to see the picture of the whole company which we expect to find in the next Volume of the "Campbell Cousins Correspondence". Cousin Will is certainly a very resourceful person to think of and carry out so many interesting things for our pleasure.

Sincerely yours,


Volume IV- Page 13
(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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