Osceola, Pa.,

March 24, 1926.

Dear Cousins:-

It seems so short a time since we wrote our Cousins letters in 1925 that I hardly know what to write, so many things have happened all around us. In our home town there have been a number of deaths and at present many are sick.

Yesterday at the Bulkley farm, above town, a man was crossing the river with a load of milk -- the water was high and man and team were drowned; the man has not been found yet today; the team and wagon were carried nearly a mile down stream.

I went to Wellsboro a few days ago to see sister Ada Crandall, who is with her son, Mahlon, this winter; she went there last December and has not been able to go out on the street since; has been under the doctor's care most of the time; gains very slowly.

Mary and I are well as usual and able to eat our rations and this reminds me that it is dinner time and I will have to get my own dinner for Mary has gone out to a tureen dinner.

All these things remind me that while we are in life, we are in the midst of death. "Be ye also ready, etc."

With love and best wishes to you all,



Volume IV- Page 20
(Mary Ann Campbell Family)

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