CCC Vol. 4 p.26 Minnie TUBBS Clark

Osceola, Pa.,

March 23, 1926.

Dear Cousins:-

The time has come to exchange letters again and I hope every one of the one hundred will write as I am anxious to see the book. I read every letter before I let it alone.

Well today is a nice Spring day sunshine rain and in the house over four weeks now mud. There is much sickness here in our small town. Will, has been in the house over four weeks but is better now. Ann is having Grippe1 but is better today; all the rest are better except Cousin Ada she has been a shut-in all winter. I was over to see her last week. Will be so glad when she gets home.2

I think it would be a good plan to let some of the Second Cousins have the annual Cousins Dinner, don't you? I enjoyed having it, -- not such a bad job as some think it is.

I think the pictures are very nice, -- will expect the other in the book, which will be a great treat to us all.

I have not been to Nelson but once since the Cousins Dinner so have not seen the Cousins this winter. It has been very cold and lots of sickness here. Jennie has not been up since the dinner.

Well the Spring days make us think of house cleaning time and making gardens; we have had some horse radish already this Spring. Well I hope some one will ask for the dinner. It would be too bad not to have one; we have such good visits together.

Well, I do not think of anything more of interest so I will close until next time.



1. Flu.

2. Ada was staying with her son in Wellsboro.

Volume IV- Page 26
(Jane Campbell Family)

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