CCC Vol. 4 p.27 Ann TUBBS Van Dusen

Osceola, Pa.,

March 26, 1926.

Dear Cousins:-

I surely will make an effort to write this morning; have been notified that letters are now due. I have been sick for two weeks and my Grand Boy who stays with me and goes to school at Elkland has also been sick so it was impossible to write sooner.

We have had a good many below zero mornings here in Osceola this winter. Yesterday we had sunshine and robins; today it snows hard.

We had a fine Cousins Dinner at Minnie's on October 20th. I think some Cousin will surprise us with invitation for dinner when the year rolls round. The First Cousins who have received their pictures certainly appreciate Cousin Will's thoughtfulness in sending one to each of us. We are all very anxious to receive our folios and hear again from all the Cousins.

The terrible accidental death of Cousin Philip Young reminds us that life is very uncertain.

Others of my family will write and speak for themselves so I will close.

With love to all,


Volume IV- Page 27
(Jane Campbell Family)

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