CCC Vol. 4 p.53 Emma VAN DUSEN Brown

Osceola, Pa.,

April 7, 1926.

Dear Cousins:-

After having been reminded several times that I am behind with my letter, will do my best to write a few lines. I picked up my Cousins book this morning before I started this letter; they are all such good letters that I feel rather small in trying to write  because I am a poor hand at it.

We have let our farm for this year and expect to move to Osceola. We bought the house and lot known as the Davis property; some of you will recognize where it is.

My family consists of my husband, and two children, Merle, who is married and has one child, Franklin by name, and Martha. Our daughter, Martha, is teaching at the Thornbottom School; some of you will remember where it is.1

I attended the Cousins Dinner at Aunt Minnie Clark's last fall and had a very nice time.

Well I don't know as I can say any more; hoping I am not too late, with kindest regards and best wishes to all the Cousins, I remain,

Sincerely yours,


1.It's in Farmington Twp., Tioga Co., PA. Sam Hazlett's saw mill was on the west bank of Thornbottom Creek; James Campbell's farm was on the right bank

Volume IV - Page 53
(Jane Campbell Family)

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