CCC Vol. 4 p.72 Ed Congdon

#1205 North Yakima Ave.,

Tacoma, Washington,

April 8th, 1926.

Dear Cousins All:-

I have just been looking over volume three of Campbell Cousins Correspondence Book, and was especially interested in Cousin Joe Buck's letter, going way back to 1810, when the Campbells sailed for America1, giving an account of their trip and their privations in establishing their homes in the new country. I cam remember hearing Aunt Eleanor Bosard tell some thrilling stories of their history when they were children; then, the country was nearly all woods; or their encounter with wild beasts, and the hardships that they had to meet; settling in the beautiful Cowanesque Valley at Beechers Island, now called Nelson. They lived their lives and raised large families, and are now sleeping in the old burying ground2. They are our Scotch forefathers. Their generation lived their lives, and passed on, leaving us a heritage of which we are proud.

We are now living in a different age. In our forefathers' day when men reached the point that they were worth ten thousand dollars they were rich. They had none of the luxuries of today, and but very few of the conveniences. Is the world advancing? We have only to to glance to our father's day and compare the changes. First, the machinery to save labor and all the wonderful improvements. How would we get along without electricity, radios, autos, etc.? We are living in the world's greatest age. The churches and religion are greatly advanced. No, I don't think we would be happy to go back to those old days. I am satisfied that the world is growing better every day. I am trying to see the bright side of life.

The past year has been rather uneventful. Since we came from the East and Florida we have had weather very much like Florida, - a beautiful summer, and the fall and winter have been grand, - no snow, not much rain, but just fine weather. I would go to Florida, as the winter that we spent there was ideal.

Tommie and Frank knew what they were doing when they chose Florida. Since returning from our Eastern trip last June, we have been living in an apartment house, #1205 North Yakima Avenue, Tacoma, Washington, having rented our house in South Tacoma. We expect to move on 24th Street North, in about a month. We will be glad then to receive any of the dear Cousins that gave us such a warm reception when we were with them.

1. Joseph Campbell, his wife Mary Harper, and their youngest children, probably including Jane, Joseph and James came together in 1810. Their older children came earlier, settling in Lancaster Co., PA, where the eldest grandchild, Archibald Hazlett, was born in 1803. And the elder Joseph's brother, John, may have settled in Philadelphia as early as 1776.

2. The earliest of our pioneer ancestors were buried in a family burial ground on what had originally been Daniel Strait's property, which was Sam Hazlett's initial Tioga Co. property; later passed on to his brother John (and wife Jane Campbell); then John and Jane's daughter Eliza HAZLETT Merritt got it; and the farm stayed in the Merritt family for generations until sold to a Mr. Paul Bennett. Jane CAMPBELL Tubbs gave a scathing report to a Campbell Reunion about its lack of care and some problems were corrected. But as part of the Cowanesque Lake Project, these old family plots were dug up, and remains and the surviving tombstones moved to the NW corner of the Nelson Cem. But because most of those tombstone pieces were laid flat, grass tends to grow over them, hiding their presence.

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Dear Cousin Kate Horton made us a short visit in March, and we enjoyed it so much, - could not bear to see her go. She was so nice to us when we were in Florida. Both she and Lish came to Oregon when Nellie had her operation, but Lish did not come to see us. He thought the trip too far for him.

We understand Nellie is getting along nicely. We hope to go down there this summer and visit them.

Since returning home we have spent much time with Georgie and Oscar on their flower farm. It is beautiful over there. Oscar quit the office3 and is working home with Georgie. Lee has changed partners and is working hard in the real estate business. Elizabeth is in high school. Edgar is studying music, and is working for Sherman & Clay's, a large music house. Helen has a studio  and forty five scholars. So all are working hard.

Em and I will spend part of the summer with Georgie and part of the time in Tacoma. We must be doing something. Now if the Cousins will tell us how the world has used them in the past year and what they are all doing, it will draw us all nearer together.

I want to speak of that wonderful photo taken at the last Cousins' Dinner, at Cousin Minnie Clark's. I think it is a wonderful photo. Fourteen Cousins, and their faces taken so clear that is seems they can speak to me. and we are indebted to Cousin Will Selph for them. I appreciate them more than I can tell. Would like very much to be with you all to attend the Cousins Dinner in 1927. We hear from sister Em often. Brother Charlie's family is scattered. Lousie is still in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Bernice is married and lives in Prescott, Arizona, - her mother is with her. Brother Charlie is in New York City.

With love to all the dear Cousins,

Very sincerely yours,


3. He had been working for a "steamship company."

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