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Joseph Campbell (1748 - 1824)

Joseph was born in Scotland. His birthplace and parents are unknown. He had several siblings, but the only one we have information on is his brother John. Joseph died Feb 26, 1824 in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA (originally called Beecher's Island). He married Mary Harper, born 1749 somewhere in Scotland (parents unknown), died 1844 in Nelson. Mary and Joseph lived about 10 years in North Ireland before coming to America, probably in Sept or Oct. of 1810. Joseph and John Campbell bought the island (and adjacent land on the South shore of the Cowanesque River) from the Beecher family, who were original settlers of that area. Son-in-law Samuel Hazlett had purchased a nearby property from Daniel Strait. At the time of the purchase the area was wilderness without roads. Strait and the Beechers had left earlier. Only a few other pioneer settlers lived in the area when the Campbell-Hazlett "expedition" arrived.

Joseph and Mary had 8 children:
  1. Sarah "Sally" Campbell, b. 1777 in Scotland or North Ireland, d. aft 1860 in Tioga Co., PA. m. Samuel Hazlett, b. 1780 in Scotland
  2. Mary Campbell, b. 1779 in Scotland or N. Ireland, d. 1824 in Lancaster Co., PA, m. John Hazlett, b. 1783 in County Down, N. Ireland [no known relation to Sam]
  3. John Campbell, b. 1781 in Scotland or N. Ireland, d. 1866 in Pittsburgh, PA, m. Elizabeth Bell, b. 1785 in Chester Co., PA
  4. Elizabeth Campbell, b. 1789 in Scotland or N. Ireland, d. Tioga Co., PA, m. Richard Ellison
  5. Jane Campbell, b. 1792 in Scotland or N. Ireland, d. 1832 in Tioga Co., PA, m. John Hazlett, b. 1787 in N. Ireland [brother of Sam]
  6. Joseph Campbell, b. 1793 in N. Ireland, d. 1864 in Nelson, m. Ann Clinch, b. 1804 in Avening, Gloucestershire, England
  7. William Campbell, b. 1795 N. Ireland, d. bef. 1810 in N. Ireland
  8. James Campbell, b. 1798 in N. Ireland, d. 1865 in Tioga Co., PA, m. Mary Blackwell, b. 1806 in Pine Twp., Lycoming Co., PA [Ann Clinch's half-sister]
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