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Sarah CAMPBELL Hazlett (1777 - 1824)

Sarah, called "Sally", was born Jun. 13, 1777, in Scotland or North Ireland; d. Nelson, PA. She married Samuel Hazlett, b. 1780 in Scotland.

She was the eldest of 8 children of Joseph Campbell, b. 1748, in Scotland, d. 1824 in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA (originally called Beecher's Island); and Mary Harper, b. 1749, in Scotland, d. 1844 in Nelson.

Sally's youngest brother James was born in N. Ireland, but it's uncertain whether the older children were born in Scotland or N. Ireland. While in N. Ireland, they lived in Derry (if you're Irish) or Londonderry (if your English or Scottish), and in Country Antrim. Sally's parents, and his youngest siblings, sailed from Londonderry to Perth Amboy, NJ in 1810 and arrived in Nelson early in 1811.

We're not sure when Sally and Sam married, nor when they came to the US. There's a tradition that they were married aboard the ship, but no solid evidence. But we know their eldest child, Archibald, was born in Lancaster Co., PA in 1803. By 1806, they were living on a farm Sam bought near Stroudsburg, PA (which then was in Northampton Co., but now is in Monroe Co.) Sam started buying land on the north bank of the Cowanesque River, just east of what became the Boro of Nelson, Tioga Co., PA, from an early (but only stayed briefly) settler, Daniel Strait. He completed the purchase in 1810. At time it was wilderness, with no roads and only a few scattered cabins.

Sally's father and her uncle John bought the island from the Beechers, who moved away. Their property was on the south bank of the Cowanesque River. It was slightly west of the land on the north bank that Sam bought. Sam was the older brother of John Hazlett, who married Sally's sister, Jane. Sam and Sarah came to the US before Sally's parents and, according to Munsell's History of Tioga Co., had a farm near Stroudsburg, PA, before Sam bought the Daniel Strait farm in Nelson.

Sarah and Sam had 7 children, but 3 died in infancy and may not have been named. Those that survived were:

  1. Archibald Hazlett, b. 1803 in Lancaster Co., PA, m. Cynthia Hammond
  2. Mary Hazlett, b. 1807 in Lancaster Co. PA, m. Thomas Richardson
  3. Jane Hazlett, b. 1809 in Lancaster or Monroe Co., PA, m. Richard Ellison and Harvey Andrews; and
  4. Sarah "Sally" Hazlett, b. 1817 in Nelson, PA, m. Albert Fowler.

Mentioned in Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters:
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v3 p74 Jos. W. Buck - "Samuel Hazlels" [per Sally's father]
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