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William Clayton Campbell (1864 - 1951)

Photo of William Clayton Campbell, Sr.

William Clayton Campbell was born Jul. 3, 1864, in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA; d. Feb. 14, 1951 in Marinette, WI. Married Aug. 22, 1895 to Mary Louise Sizer, b. Feb. 16, 1872 in Fon du Lac, WI; d. Jan. 1947 in Marinette. Her parents were Samuel Henry Sizer, born 1839/40 in MA, and Cornelia A. Clark, born 1844 in NY.

Will was the youngest of 5 children of William Campbell, b. 1822 in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA, d. there 1875; and Helen Peasley, born 1826 in NY, died 1876 in Nelson.

William Clayton Campbell was a very successful businessman. He owned a coal company in Marinette, WI, had his own dock, and a monopoly on "coal, cement, building and paving materials".

Will and Louise Sizer Campbell had two children:

  1. Henry Sizer Campbell, b. Jun. 9, 1896 in Marinette, m. Elizabeth Welch; and
  2. William Clayton Campbell, Jr., b. Mar. 21, 1905 in Marinette, died Apr. 28, 1934 in Marinette (unmarried).
Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters Written:
v1r1 p34 June 16, 1923
v1r2 p37-8 Oct. 15, 1923 - photo
v2 p77 Apr. 15, 1924
v3 p89 Apr. 15, 1925
v4 p36 Mar. 28, 1926

Mentioned in CCC Letters:
v1r1 p3 Intro - William
v1r1 p33 Emma CONGDON Buck - Cousin Will Campbell
v1r2 p9 Stella LOOP Hooker Wilbur - Willie Campbell
v1r2 p72 Will Selph - Will Campbell
v1r2 p75 Will Selph - Will Campbell family
v2 p23 Jud Seely - Cousin Will Campbell
v2 p29 Inez HOYT Boller - Cousin Will Campbell
v2 p44 Anna BOSARD Owlett - Willie Campbell, Jr.
v2 p50 Helen SHIPMAN Wilson - Uncle Will Campbell
v2 p78 Henry S. Campbell - Dad, Mother & Bill
v3 p33 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman - brother Will & Louise
v3 p42 Kate CAMPBELL Horton - brother Will & Louise
v3 p53 Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw - Uncle Will Campbell & Family
v3 p56 Hannah BIXBY Hughey - Cousin Will Campbell & his family
v3 p67 Philip E. Young - Will Campbell and his wife
v4 p29 Kate CAMPBELL Horton -  brother Will
v4 p57 Henry S. CAMPBELL - Dad
v4 p70 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman - brother Will & Louise
v4 p98 Will Selph - Cousin Will Campbell

Mentioned in Other Documents:

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