Cemeteries by State

Cemeteries In Our Campbell/Lugg/Blackwell Tree

Burial Lists by State & Other Countries.

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Alabama - Arizona
California - Delaware
Florida - Iowa
Kansas - Louisiana
Massachusets - Montana
Nebraska - ND
Ohio - Oregon
PA Adams - Armstrong Counties
PA Beaver - Juniata Counties
PA Lackawanna - Lycoming Counties
PA McKean - Susquehanna Counties
PA Tioga Co - Bloss thru Brookfield Twp
PA Tioga Co - Charleston to Covington Twps
PA Tioga Co - Deerfield to Duncan Twps. including Wellsboro Boro
PA Tioga Co - Elk Twp & Elkland
PA Tioga Co - Farmington Twp
PA Tioga Co - Gains to Liberty Twps
PA Tioga Co - Middlebury Twp
PA Tioga Co - Morris Twp
PA Tioga Co - Nelson Twp
PA Tioga Co - Osceola Twp
PA Tioga Co. - Richmond to Westfield Twps. including Mansfield Boro
PA Union - York Counties
Rhode Island - Wyoming. Also -- State Unknown
Overseas. Also -- Cremains Location Unknown

Additions and corrections are welcome. If a deceased descendant of our Campbells, Luggs or Blackwells (or their spouse, father-in-law, or mother-in-law) is not shown, please send us their burial info. E-mail bilthompson76 AT gmail.com.

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