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John Hazlett (abt. 1787 - bef. 1840)

John was born abt. 1787 in Scotland (or possibly N. Ireland); d. before 1840 in Tioga Co., PA. On Apr, 4, 1811, in Nelson (originally called Beecher's Island) he married Jane Campbell, b. 1792 in Scotland or N. Ireland (who was the sister of his brother Samuel's wife Sally). After Jane's 1832 death, John married Mahala Scott (1805 - 1890).

We don't know for sure when John came to America. Presumably he came with his older brother Sam . If so he was in Lancaster Co., PA before 1803. By 1806, Sam and wife Sally, and presumably John, were living on a farm Sam bought near Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., PA (then in Northampton Co.)

Sam started buying land on the north bank of the Cowanesque River, just east of what became the Boro of Nelson, Tioga Co., PA from an early, but temporary settler, Daniel Strait. At the time it was wilderness, with no roads and only a few scattered cabins. In 1810, Sam completed the purchase.

Sam's father-in-law (who came to the US in 1810) and Jane's uncle, John Campbell (who came in 1776/77), bought the island from the Beechers, who moved away. That property was on the south bank of the Cowanesque River. It was slightly west of the land on the north bank that Sam bought.

John's sister-in-law, and future wife, Jane Campbell, along with Jane's parents, and some of her younger siblings, sailed from Londonderry to Perth Amboy, NJ in 1810.

John Hazlett moved from Stroudsburg to Beecher's Island as part of the "Campbell-Hazlett Expedition" that arrive early in 1811.

We know John's father was named Robert Hazlett, but we knew nothing else about Robert, just his name. According to Jane CAMPBELL Tubbs, after Sam and John settled in Tioga Co., Sam's mother, his sister Mary, and brother came to America --- settled in western PA. It's always been a mystery why they did that instead of joining Sam and John in Nelson.

Some researchers believe they have identified John's parents, but that the identification is uncertain.

John and Jane Campbell Hazlett had 9 children, all born in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA:

  1. Rachel Hazlett, b. 1812 , m. James Cook;
  2. Archibald Hazlett, b. abt 1814, d. there 1824;
  3. Mary Hazlett, b. 1815, m. John Flint;
  4. Samuel Hazlett, b. 1816, m. Catherine Swartwood Knapp;
  5. Jane Hazlett, b. 1821, d. there 1824;
  6. John Hazlett, Jr., b. 1823, m. Lucy Dunham;
  7. Eliza Ann Hazlett, b. 1825, m. William Merritt;
  8. Sarah Jane "Sally"/"Jane" Hazlett, b. 1825, m. Charles Horseley and William Rundell Knapp [Catherine's brother]; &
  9. Maria Hazlett, b. 1830/31, m. George William Richardson.

Mentioned in Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters:
v4 p89 Jane CAMPBELL Tubbs - John Hazlett
v4 p92 Jane CAMPBEL Tubbs -Uncle John Hazlett

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Reunion minutes 1937 - John Hazlett

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