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Stella Ann LOOP Hooker Wilbur (1863 - 1933)

Stella Ann Loop was born Feb. 13, 1863, in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA; d. July 23, 1933 in Elmira, NY. Married May 18, 1883 in Nelson to William E. Hooker, b. Jul. 7, 1856, in PA; d. Jul 17, 1925 in Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA, divorced before 1905. William's parents were Thomas Hooker, born in 1829/30 in NY, d. 1893, and Clarissa ___, born 1837/38 in NJ. On May 18, 1905, Stella married Nathan Wilbur, b. Nov. 14, 1842 in Chautauqua Co., NY, d. Mar. 31, 1924 in Castile, Wyoming Co., NY. Apparently they had been separated for some time. Nathan's parents were David Wilbur, b. 1804 in VT, and Sally M. Barber, b. 1808 in NY.

Stella was the elder of 2 children of Maria B. Campbell, b. 1842 in Nelson, Tioga Co., PA, d. 1873 in Tompkins, Tioga Co., PA; and James William Loop, born 1842 in PA, died 1912 in Elmira.

Stella and William Hooker had three children:

  1. Eva May Hooker, b. Apr. 8 1885 in Nelson, m. Edward Harrison Hills;
  2. Bertha Hooker, b. Jul. 8 1890 in Elmira, d. there Oct 30, 1890; and
  3. Treva Clarissa Hooker, b. Oct. 15, 1892 in Elmira, m. John H. Hazlett.

Stella had no children by Nathan Wilbur.

Campbell Cousins Correspondence Letters Written:
v1r1 p7 May 20, 1923
v1r1 p19 June 12, 1923
v1r2 p9 Oct. 3, 1923 - photo
v2 p3 Mar. 23, 1924
v3 p15-6 Mar. 27, 1925
v4 p15-6 Mar. 14, 1926

Mentioned in CCC Letters:
v1r1 p3 Intro - Stella
v1r1 p30 Ann Owlett - Cousin Stella
v1r1 p33 Emma CONGDON Buck - Stella
v1r1 p46 Will Selph - Stella Wilbur
v1r2 p10 Eva HOOKER Hills - Mama
v1r2 p16 Treva HOOKER Hazlett - Mama
v1r2 p68 Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw - Mrs. Stella Wilbur
v2 p51 Eva HOOKER Hills - Mama
v3 p6 Eva HOOKER Hills - Mama
v3 p18 Inez HOYT Boller - Stella
v3 p24-25 Treva HOOKER Hazlett - Mama
v3 p26 Frances GOODRICH Hoyt - Cousin Stella Wilbur
v3 p33 Mary CAMPBELL Shipman - Stella Wilbur
v3 p57 Will Selph - Stella Wilbur
v3 p60 Ed Congdon - "Stella Wilbur & part of her family"
v3 p76 Edith LODER Selph - Stella
v3 p87 John Harry Campbell - Cousin Stella
v3 p93 Edna ELLISON Wright - Stella
v4 pi Photo - Stella Wilbur
v4 p22 Eva HOOKER Hills - Mama
v4 p48b Photo - Stella Wilbur
v4 p74 Doris SELPH Drake - Stella Wilbur

Mentioned in other documents:

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