1929 Letter from Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw to Inez HOYT Boller

Campbells of Nelson, PA

[1929 Letter from Mabel SHIPMAN Shaw (1875 - 1972) to her mother's 1st cousin, Inez HOYT Boller (1871 - 1934)]

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Mansfield, Penna
Feb. 23 '29

Dear Inez,

In February, I remember that mamma always wrote to your mother, then after she was gone to you. I know it is past Aunt Phebe's birthday but have thought of you and wondered what you are doing these cold days. Isn't this beautiful weather? Very cold today, but clear & nice.

Llewellyn is at the store as this is Saturday evening and I have been listening to the radio. It's always a great wonder to me and I think I shall never get over the mystery of it.1

Llewellyn & I are all alone, for the first time nearly, since we have been married. It seems queer to have just the two of us. Genevieve2 says she thinks we should have a chaperone.

I came across some papers with mention of mamma's death in and am enclosing clippings which I thought you might like to have. I intended to send them to some of the cousins3 but only got part way around. We miss her more and more & how I long to talk over things with her. She was always so cheerful and had such a wonderful mind & heart.

Helen and the boys4 are fine. Uncle John died one year ago yesterday. Aunt Dell keeps quite well. Aunt Kate and Uncle Lish are having a wonderful time in the sunny south.5 About a dozen from here have gone this winter.

We6 are going to take our trip this summer. We sail June 22 from New York & expect to spend two months away from home visiting France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland & England. We may go to Scotland but are not sure whether we will want to stay another eight days. It will be interesting to visit Rome, Pompeii, the Catacombs, Venice, etc. We will be eight days in and around Paris - five in London. Wish you and Will could go along.


1. Many of the Campbell Cousins Correspondence Club letters go on and on about that new marvel - radio.

2. Wife of her adopted son, Wilfod Shaw, Llewellyn's nephew.

3. "The cousins" referred to the 31 first cousins who were grandchildren of Joseph Campbell and wife Ann Clinch.

4. Mabel's sister's sons, Richard and George.

5. Mabel's Aunt Kate and Uncle Elisha were wintering in St. Petersburg with Kate's brother, Tommie Campbell.

6. Mabel and Llewellyn.

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