Campbell Reunion Attendance Sheet - 1899

Campbells of Nelson, PA

Sheet - 1899 Reunion

[Note: Because individuals signed in for themselves (or their families) seeing their actual signatures will be of interest to many of you. We'll try to photograph them later. There probably were many additional people who attended, but did not sign in. - wbt]

Name Residence
J D Campbell
Mrs J D Campbell
Mrs Eleanor Bosard Nelson Pa
Mrs Elizabeth Hughey Brainerd Minn
Phebe Campbell Hoyt Nelson, Pa
Jane Campbell Tubbs Osceola Pa
Jo H Campbell Nelson, Pa
G H Shipman Mansfield Penn
Mary Shipman        "          "
Helen Shipman Elmira N. Y.
Mrs. Jennie Bosard
Mary E. Bosard
Florence Bosard
Eleanor C. Bosard
Harriet C. Kemp Farmington
D. C. Kemp       "
J. A. Cady       "
Mrs Andrew Owlett Gold, Potter Co. Pa
Burton W Owlett
Andrew Owlett
Mrs E.B Campbell Elkland Pa
Anna C Ensell Farmington Hill
Mrs V Green Elkland Penna
Eva M. Hooker Nelson Pa
W A Ellison Ellkland Pa
Jessie C Ellison      "       "
Hugh C. Ellison      "       "
Ruth Buck Elmira
Pearl Mourie      "       "
Jessie Allen Painted Post
John A Kemp Farmington Hill
H. E. Brockway M. E. Pastor Nelson Pa
J C Campbell Elkland
Mrs J C Campbell
Rose Campbell Jones
Rena A Campbell
Clyde Campbell
Mildred Campbell
Lettie K. Allen
Marie Allen
Gertrude Allen
C W Kelley Osceola
Mrs C W Kelley Osceola
Homar [sic] Kelley      "
Mrs Enoch Blackwell
Blackwell, Pa
Mr Enoch Blackwell
T. C. Campbell
Knoxvillle Pa
Mrs T C Campbell
      "         "
Ruth Campbell       "         "
Frances G. Hoyt Nelson
Jessie Hoyt     "
Elizabeth Hoyt     "
Isabelle     "    "
George L Buck Sugar Hill N. Y.
Mrs. Emma Buck    Do [ditto]
James Loop
Stella Hooker
Treva Hooker
Augustus Eaton
Ada Crandall
Mahlon P Crandall
Mrs Alta Cady
Elkland, Pa
Llewellyn B. Shaw
Mansfield, Pa.
Mabel Shipman Shaw
       "        "
M. B. Seely
Nelson      "
Mrs M. B Seely
     "          "
Lena          "
     "          "
Emily         "
     "          "
Harry C Kemp
Farmington Hill
Mattie M. Kemp
Roscoe M. Kemp
Curtis A Kemp

Kate C Horton
Westfield, Pa.
Chas B. Campbell
Addison, N. Y.
Mrs. Chas Mourie
Farmington Pa
Lena Preston Blackwell
Nelson, Pa
Lockwood Blackwell
      "      "
Enoch Blackwell
      "      "

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