Campbell Reunion Minutes Notes - 1901

Campbells of Nelson, PA

[Notes for 1901 Reunion Minutes]

Election of Officers - Pres. M B Seely
            Secty T C Campbell

The Pres & Secty by a unanamous [sic] vote are instructed to apoint [sic] the committees of the Next reunion which is to be held at Nelson Pa on the second (2nd) Thursday in August 1902

A Short History of the Blackwell family by E C Blackwell:1

"In 1803 John Hay a Presbyterian Minister of Philadelphia Pa Mr Sherman Wells and Enoch Blackwell of Haven [sic] Parrish Glostershire [sic] England formed a Company and purchased 12000 Acres of Land on both sides of County line of Tioga and Lycoming Co Now Morris Tioga and Pine Township Lycoming County. and state of Pa for $12,000. Wm. Blackwell son of Enoch Blackwell Came from England to Philadelphia in the year 1804 May 4th and remained with the Rev John Hay untill [sic] May 1805  at that time his father Enoch Blackwell Sr and a Number of English Gentlemen among whom was Peter Blackwell Stephen Blackwell Joshua Blackwell2. Thomas Lloyd then a lad of 13 years of age  Mrs Sarah Lugg3 [sic] also Came in the same Company and afterwards became the wife of Thomas Clinch and later the wife of Enoch Blackwell Sr  And from the first union was born Ann Clinch who married Joseph Campbell Sr4  from second union was born Enoch Blackwell Jr5 and Mary Blackwell wife of James Campbell of Nelson Pa. Enoch Blackwell Sr on a business trip down the Susquehanna6 with lumber was taken sick at Jersey Shore and died. and was burried [sic] at that place  in 1816 Mrs Blackwell wife of Enoch Blackwell Married John Campbell of Nelson. Of this marriage there were No scions.7 Enoch Blackwell Jr was born in 1814 and was married 3 times. first to Mary Knapp who died in the year 1865  Then to Caroline Lugg in the year 1866 who died in the year 1868  of this marriage one child was born (E C Blackwell) in the year 1867. for his last wife who now survives him he married Mrs Carrie Prutsman. Enoch Blackwell died in the year 1884 Oct 1"

Above prepared and read by E C Blackwell at the Reunion of Aug 22" 1901

1. As is so often the case with oral histories, by the time these stories reached Charley they had gotten rather jumbled. The dates, acres, dollars and some names are not right. For other accounts of the "English Company" see John F. Meginness; 1892 History of Lycoming Pennslyvania chapter 46, or this Pine Twp. excerpt or Morris Twp.'s history.

2. Joshua Blackwell married Rev. Hay's daughter, Amelia. Apparently Joshua and Amelia became Ann Clinch's foster parents and raised her until she married.

3. Charley was mistaken about this.  Miss Sarah Lugg was never "Mrs. Lugg". She married Thomas Clinch Mar 27, 1803 in Avening, Gloucestershire and had daughter Ann before sailing to America. She married 2nd Enoch Blackwell Sept 9, 1805 in Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., PA.  And 3rd to John Campbell, 1818 in Lycoming Co. or Tioga Co., PA.

4. He had a father named Joseph Campbell and a son named Joseph Campbell. So he was known as "Jr" while his father was still living, and called "Sr" by some after his father's death.

5. Charley calls his dad "Enoch Jr." His dad had an older half-brother, also named "Enoch Blackwell," bur the latter died young.

6. Other accounts have Enoch falling into Pine Creek while trying to clear a jam of logs they were floating down that strem.

7. Children.

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