Campbell Reunion Minutes - 1933

Campbells of Nelson, PA

Minutes of 1933 Reunion

The 41st annual reunion of the Beecher Island Campbell Clan, was held on the School grounds, Nelson, Pa. on Aug. 17, 1933. After dinner the company met in the school house where the meeting was called to order by the Vice President Clyde Campbell, the president T.C. Campbell having been called to his eternal reward during the year. Minutes of the last reunion were read and approved. Invitation for the next reunion was given by Mrs. Fannie Monroe to come to her home in Elmira. Moved by Mrs. Mabel Shaw seconded by Rose Jones that we accept the invitation. Carried.

Collection taken amounting to $4.56 which just covered expenses.

Officers elected for coming year were-
Pres. Clyde Campbell
Secy and Treas. Mame [sic] Hazlett Dewey

Talk by Kate Horton

Moved that a letter of sympathy be sent to Stella Wilbur who is very ill. Mame Dewey offered to to take the message. Fannie Monroe then made a few remarks. Moved by Ann Owlett that a letter of sympathy be sent to Mr. Snavely and Florence Bosard. A terrible accident having taken away Mary Bosard Snavely a few weeks previous. Moved that a letter of sympathy be also sent to Martha Butler and Myra Campbell, and to the former Mrs. Flossie Campbell as another terrible accident had taken Ralph Campbell and his brother-in-law.1

Remarks were made by S. C. Hazlett Frank Hazlett, Sarah Johnson, Kate Hazlett, Rose Jones and Harry Kemp. Sarah Hazlett Baumgarten favored us with two solos.

The attendance was small being about forty-five.

Harry C. Kemp
Secy & Treas.

1. It's strange that they sent letters to Ralph's aunts (Martha & Myra) and his mother (Flossie), but not to his Uncle Robert John Campbell or especially to Ralph's sister and the bereaved widow of Beecher Kelim, Rose (Campbell) Kelim [later Davis].

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