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Campbells of Nelson, PA

Volunteer to Help

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We have a huge amount of photos, documents, letters, etc. to publish on this site. It's a large project, and your assistance is needed and welcome. You don't have to be an guru in HTML or web design. You don't even have to know what 'HTML' is. Your present computer skills are enough.

And if you ARE a guru, we can use your help too. Or, if you'd like to learn more about designing and maintaining web pages, we offer "on-the job" training. For free!

Some of you may be good at proof reading. Some may be able to scan photos and documents. Some may be able to find photos or clip art that can be used to make our web pages less wordy. Perhaps you would like to test links to make sure they take you to the right place. Maybe you'd like to write material or organize photo albums. We can use most any skill you offer.

To volunteer, click on link.

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