Valerie's Family Research Web Page: A Shupe Family History
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A Shupe Family History
Descendants and Relations of Joseph Shupe
of Chester County, Pennsylvania

A work in progress ...

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Questions of Origin
Where did the Shupes of Chester County, Pennsylvania originally come from?  What brought them to Pennsylvania?  What are the connections with other Shupes in the area and beyond?  We have been able to search the Shupe family line of George Clair Shupe only as far back as his grandfather Joseph Shupe, whose birth and death dates are unknown. Nor do we know if he had any siblings or where else he may have resided, among other things.  Joseph Shupe's widow, Mary (Shaner?) Shupe, was born in 1834.  It is commonly believed that the Shupe name has a German origin.  Were the first immigrant Shupes among the Palatine emigration in the 1700s?

The information presented here is based upon pieces of information obtained from conversation, notes, historic documents, photos, other researchers, and personal knowledge of family members.  Together, they provide only a fraction of the story of each individual and their experiences.  Much information of interest to present and future generations remains to be captured to help tell the family's story and reveal the fabric of its history.  If not recorded now, the family history could be lost forever to future generations as memories fade, records are lost, and family members themselves pass into history.

516 Gay Street, Phoenixville, PA
516 Gay Street
-- click on image for larger view, 35 KB --
Photo taken by Diane Shupe, 2001
Photos add a special dimension to a project like this.  Among other things, they help remind us that this is about more than facts and statistics; these were real people.  They experienced the adventures of youth, the trials and tribulations of raising a family, the struggles of work and making ends meet, the joys of traditions, and the sorrows of loss.  Some died young; others lived long, fruitful lives.  In some instances, we may even see a reflection of one another.  Photos also help us visualize the world in which our ancestors passed their days and help us put their experiences in context.

There is great risk in reading too much into isolated pieces of information.  Imagine trying to figure out what an elephant looks like with only a toe, an ear, or just the snout as clues.  The further we go back in to time, limited available records--if we're lucky to find any at all--provide only a momentary glimpse into a situation, and often subject to the interpretation or limitations of the person recording it.

I have tried to be diligent in recording the sources of my information so that it can be judged by myself and others as to its reliability.  Just because a record exists does not mean it was recorded accurately, whether by the scribe or the original provider.  But such records are helpful in providing us with clues that could help verify our assumptions or point us in directions.

Any information, corrections, clippings, suggestions, and/or photos offered that will help weave the fabric and reveal the texture of the Shupe family's history will be greatly appreciated.  All photos or other original documents will be handled with great care, copied, and promptly returned to their owner, unless instructed otherwise.  While I am eager for ANY information, including stories and oral histories, that will help tell our story, I also want to be respectful of people's privacy and to use discretion in matters that may be sensitive.

This document is only as complete and accurate as the information available up to this moment.  No doubt it will continue to evolve over time, as it should.

Information to share?  Please contact me at [email protected].

WorldConnect Register Report for Joseph SHUPE
WorldConnect Descendant Report for Joseph SHUPE
Descendant Report for Joseph SHUPE

WorldConnect Register Report for Jesse R. CLAIR
WorldConnect Descendant Report for Jesse R. CLAIR
Descendant Report for Jesse R. CLAIR

    Not posted yet.

George C. Shupe
George Clair Shupe, 2 years, 9 months old
George C. Shupe
George C. Shupe
George C. Shupe
George C. Shupe
George C. Shupe, Reunion
George Shupe, 107th Filed Artillery U.S.N.G. Reunion
Jessie K. Shupe
Jessie K. Shupe
Bena & George C. Shupe, Wedding
Bena K. & George Shupe, Wedding Day
Bena K. Shupe
Bena Kennedy Shupe
Bena & Pete Shupe
Bena & Pete Shupe
George C., Jack, and Bena Shupe
George C., Jack & Bena Shupe

George C. "Pete" Shupe
Florence & Geneveive DiFrancesco
Florence & Geneveive DiFrancesco
Walter C. Shupe
Walter C. Shupe
Walter C. Shupe, WW II
Walter C.
Shupe, WW II
Walt & Emma
Walt & Emma Shupe DeFranciso

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    Posted December 2002
    Updated February 24, 2007

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