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Welcome to Captain Mac's Home Page
CONTAINS GENEALOGY OF -- McLaughlin, Bryant, Gwin, Donnelly, Davis,
Cochran, Lee, and Rowley

Created/Revised on July 27, 2000

Ronald and Diana BRYANT McLaughlin

This page is dedicated to our ancestors and our descendants!

Welcome to our genealogy. Our names are Ronald and Diana McLaughlin and we have been seriously searching for the past year, but have been collecting information from relatives for the past 15-20 years and always have had an interest in our roots. We have had a lot of help from many people and have tried to help others. If you find a connection, an answer for our missing information, or an error please let us know. The surnames in the title are our Father's, Mother's, and Grandmother's names. We are also researching other family names not listed, but who are connected. Thanks to all who have helped!

Below will be placed pictures of some of our family.

Coming Soon

We are researching many other surnames than the ones above. .

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