Cover from a 1903 Package of Needles

This page shows several dozen advertisements of early Monett businesses.  Together they give some idea of the growth of the town and the changes in technology reflected in new types of business.  The ads come from various publications, each of which is described individually followed by scans of the actual ads.  Additional ads will be found in this 1914 City Directory of Monett.


These ads come from an early cookbook featuring both Monett and Pierce City advertising.  My copy is missing the cover, title page and first six pages, so it is impossible to date but probably comes from around 1900.  One of the ads is for Calloway & Bradford Furniture.  A 1930 profile of R. M. Callaway (who changed the spelling of his name) in the Monett Times doesn't date this partnership exactly but seems to place it around the turn of the century.  Note also that the spelling of "Peirce" has not yet changed to its modern form "Pierce." The change in spelling began as early as 1891 but the older form continued to be used for many years.

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Page 7.  Dr. W. W. Rodman, Diseases of Females a Specialty, Peirce City.  Dr. J. H. Kimball, Homeopathic Physician, Peirce City.  The Star Barber Shop, Monett.  Spillman Dry Goods, Monett.
Pages 8-9.  Vance & Parrott Peirce City Roller Mills.  W. R. Scheldrup Boston Corner Drug Store, Peirce City.  Calloway & Bradford Furniture, Monett.  W. S. Brite Newsstand, Monett.  The Peirce City Empire of March 14, 1889, reported that Bob Calloway was moving to Monett from Peirce City to manage the Raupp furniture store.  He was involved with several different businesses before entering a 19-month partnership with H. I. Bradford.  After ending their partnership, the two men had separate furniture stores in Monett.  Callaway also went into the undertaking business and was one of the first licensed undertakers in Missouri, holding license number 14 issued in 1890.
Pages 10-11.  John Walsh Grocery Monett.  P. Sauerwald Dry Goods, Peirce City.  Q. O. Hudson Dentist, Peirce City.
Pages 12-13.  Martin C. Fleming Furniture, Monett.  The People's Bakery, Agent for Coca Cola, Monett.  Peirce City National Bank.  J. W. DeWitt's New York Racket Store, Monett.  Mrs. C. H. Tritton, Monett Green Houses.
Pages 14-15.  M. L. Coleman Lumber, Peirce City.  E. L. LeCompte Central Livery Stable, Peirce City.  Thomas Carlin Attorney, Peirce City.  Lawrence County Bank, Peirce City.
Page 27.  Dr. H. V. Worley, Peirce City.  Exchange Roller Mills, Peirce City.  Crescent Barber Shop, Monett.
This is a small selection of ads from the Monett Timesin the 1903-1912 period.  Many more ads can be found on the microfilm of these and later Monett papers from the Missouri State Historical Society, which is available by interlibrary loan.
July 2, 1903.  Bradford's Furniture.  Lawson Jeffries' Eagle Grocery Store.  J. D. Hartley's Cash Grocery.  A Cramer's Marble Works, Peirce City.  Note that H. I. Bradford is no longer partnered with R. M. Calloway in the furniture business.  Lawson Jeffries was the brother of Leroy Jeffries, who owned a competing grocery store on the west end of Monett and who issued the needle advertising premium shown at the top of this page.  In the 1901-1910 period, Lawson owned this grocery store and the town pool hall and managed the town's semi-professional baseball team.  He later owned a substantial coal and hauling business.  Here is a photograph of Lawson as Monett first fire chief.
June 19, 1908.  Chastain & Co. Shoe Shop, which had moved to Monett from Peirce City.  A. J. Nordin Feed Mill, Grocery Store and Wood Lot, West Monett.  The original town of Plymouth was largely west of today's Central avenue.  After the Frisco founded Monett east of Central in 1887, contemporary newspaper reports sometimes spoke of Plymouth and Monett as separate towns.  This tendency to think of Monett as two towns continued for many years.  Note Nordin's use of "West Monett" as an address.
July 13, 1909.  Electric Air Dome Theater.
July 17, 1909.  Joe Greathouse Draying, Hauling & Moving.  Val Majors, dealer in Coal Oil and Gasoline.  Majors sold his gasoline off a wagon rather than from a station.
February 15, 1910. Durnil's Dry Goods Store.
May 31, 1910.  D. R. Sizer & Co. Restaurant, which says that it sells chili and tamales, something emphasized in many contemporary restaurant ads.  Leroy Jeffries Grocery.  Howell & Butler's Meat Market.  Ozark-Bell Telephone Company.  By the time of the 1914 ads below, the town's telephone company had become the Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company.  Here is a photograph of the Leroy Jeffries store from about this time.  The Jeffries Collection of Monett Photographs & Documents.
June 6, 1910.  Rutherford's Barber Shop.  A. Harvey's Barber Shop.  Alva Jones, William M. West and P. L. Freeland, Physicians and Surgeons.  Fielding Sizer, Lawyer.  and Joe Greathouse Draying.  Note that Rutherford's Barber Shop offered baths as well as haircuts.
October 8, 1912.  Ras Folger Meat Market.  M. L. Coleman Lumber Company.  Howell & Butler's Meat Market.  Hall Grocery Company.  In the 1900 era ad above, the Coleman Lumber Company was in Peirce City.  Like the Chastain Shoe Shop in the June 19, 1908 ad, Coleman eventually followed the Frisco division point to Monett.  Many businesses made this move within a year or two after Monett was founded in 1887, but the process continued for years.  The Hall Grocery Company was a predecessor of the V. B. Hall produce company.
December 14, 1912.  Turner's Broadway Barn, Livery Stable and Cab Service.  E & F Laundry.  R. M. Callaway, Undertaker.  J. R. Pearson, Veterinarian.  Thomas & Thomas Painting, including auto painting.  J. L. [Lawson] Jeffries, Coal Dealer.  Here is a photograph of the E & F Laundry wagon.
December 14, 1912.  E. T. Beatty, Blacksmith.  Ras Folger Meat Market.  Murphy Brothers Coal & Wood.

The Monett First Baptist Church was founded in 1888 with 14 charter members.  It met first in Westbay Hall, then borrowed the building of the Methodist Episcopal Church one Sunday a month.  In 1890 it built its own building at Fourth & Dunn, replaced by a new building commenced in 1912.

About 1914, the church published its first directory listing over 500 persons.  It is not dated, but refers to the opening of a mission on Marshall Hill in April 1914 and appears to have been issued shortly thereafter.  The directory includes over 60 ads from Monett businesses and says that they made it possible to publish the directory without cost to the church.

These ads present an interesting view of Monett at the time. For example, only one advertiser, the William Fredrick Cigar Company, lists itself as a manufacturer.  Every other ad is for a retailer or professional, which gives some idea of how dominant farming and the Frisco Railroad were as employers.

There are ads for 8 clothing or dry goods stores, 6 groceries, 4 real estate and insurance agents, 2 butchers, 2 restaurants, a bakery, 2 hardware stores, 2 banks, 2 cleaners and 2 photographers.  Both restaurants mention that they serve chili.  There are single ads for a lumber yard, a florist, a jewelry store, a printer, a stationary store and a coal dealer.  There are no listed car dealers or gas stations and only a single business offering automotive supplies, but a City Directory published in December, 1914, gives somewhat more prominence to the automobile.

The list of professionals is considerable:  8 doctors, 2 dentists and 5 lawyers.  Most of the professionals have offices upstairs over some other business, typically a bank.  The ad for Dr. William West mentions his hospital, and all the doctors' ads give their home phone numbers.  One doctor, J. E. Barnhill, lists his hours as 7 a.m. to noon, 1 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 8 p.m.  There are also 4 drug stores.  The ad for Brown & Hagler Drug emphasizes that it has a soda fountain, the ad for Logan McKee that he sells Ansco cameras and develops film.

Cover, Directory of the First Baptist Church, About 1914.  W. A. Todd, Pastor.  Miss Amanda Perriman, Clerk.  J. H. Otterman, Treasurer.  This booklet is about 6 x 9 inches and 54 pages plus covers.
Rear Cover.  Home Steam Laundry.
Inside Front Cover.  Bob Callaway Furniture and Undertaking.  Hall Grocery Company.
Inside Rear Cover.  Davis & Chapell Hardware.  Fourth Street Livery Barn.
Interior Ads.   J. F. Campbell Restaurant, vendor of chili and tamales.  J. T. Montgomery Groceries.  H. I. Bradford Furniture.  Dr. J. M. Russell.  Dr. A. S. Hawkins.
Interior Ads.   W. F. Brite Real Estate.  Chafin's Photo Studio.  Dr. William M. West Office & Hospital.  Frank Boehm Jr. Restaurant and Chili Parlor.  C. I. Williams Heating & Plumbing.  Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company.                                                                                                                                
Interior Ads.   William Fredrick Cigars.  John Walsh Grocery.  Tritton Floral.  John T. Burgess Attorney.  Robert Johnston Real Estate.
Interior Ads.   Monett State Bank.  King & Hutcheson Furniture & Undertaking.  J. L. Jeffries Coal.  S. C. Dow Printing.
Interior Ads.   G. W. Czarlinsky Store.  E. Folger Butcher.  Martin Hotel, Boss & Gabriel, Proprietors.  Ruscha Store, Clothing.  Perry Short Jewelry.  F. M. Reinsmith, Electrical and Automotive Supplies.
Interior Ads.   W. M. Wainwright Dry Goods.  Gene Saxe Meat Market.  David H. Kemp Attorney.  Dr. T. C. Dusenbury, Local Surgeon for the Frisco Railroad.  Brown & Hagler Drug Store.  First National Bank.
Interior Ads.   J. P. Woods Dentist.  Logan D. McKee Drug Store.  Buchner & Thielen, Buggies, Harness, Implements, Hardware.  Jenks Photo Studio.  D. G. Dunaphant Confections & Tobacco.  Sig Solomon Insurance.
Interior Ads.   D. S. Mayhew, J. E. Sater and H. A. Gardner Attorneys.  W. H. Floreth Hardware.  E. M. Brockett Monett Bakery.  W. D. Blades Grocery.
Interior Ads.   A. H. Cox Rexall Drug Store.  T. E. Hastings Osteopathic Physician.  J. W. Sanders, 5, 10 & 25 Cent Store.  Martin's Clothing.
Interior Ads.   Durnil Dry Goods.  Shaffer Grocery.  Q. O. Hudson Dentist.  Dr. D. E. Miller, Dr. Alvan Jones and Dr. J. E. Barnhill.
Interior Ads.   King & Hutcheson Furniture & Undertaking (2nd ad).  C. Ivey Plumbing.  Anderson & Johnson Tailors and Cleaners.  Farmers Union Cooperative Store.  Salzer Brothers Lumber.
Interior Ads.   Tatem-Wright Dry Goods.  O'Dwyer & Smerdon Real Estate.  Gulick's Clothing.  Otterman & Son Stationery.  Powers & Roark Grocery.
The Monett High School Annual for 1925, the Mo-Hi, was supported by ads from just under 50 Monett businesses.  Ads for blacksmiths and livery stables are gone and have been replaced by ads for car dealers and gas stations.  The ad for Shadel & Ashby Jewlers even mentions that they sell Atwater-Kent Super Heterodyne Radios, reflecting the emergence of commercial radio in the early 1920s.
Mason Motor Company, Ford Dealer.
Millsap Brothers, Men's Clothing.
Times Publishing Company.
Rialto Theater.
Callaway's Furniture and Funeral Directors.
Durnil Dry Goods.
Kiwanis Club.
Logan D. McKee Drug Store.  Galloway & Mansfield Men's Clothing.
Best Cleaners, Frank E. Burk, Propietor.  Central State Bank.
Tutt & Osborn Clothing Company.  Shadel & Ashby Jewelers.
M. E. Gillioz, General Contractor.  First National Bank.
Monett Drug Company, Paul Russell, Proprietor.  Standard Oil Company (Indiana), Third & Broadway, Red Crown Gasoline, H. R. Carlson, Attendant, and E. M. Tornquist, Wholesale Agent.
The Owl Cafe, Chili.  Huffman Market.  Adams Electric Company.  W. A. Loupee, Coal, Wood & Hay.
Floreth Hardware Company.  W. H. Snider, New & Second Hand Furniture.  Tatem-Wright Dry Goods Company.  Folgers Quality Market.
L. E. Lines Music Company, Pianos, Player Pianos, Victrolas and Radios.  Collins & Williams, Sample Shoe Store and Electric Shoe Shop.  Stocker's Jewelry.  Shepherd Brothers Bakers.
Milburn-Davis Grocer Company.  Martin Hotel & Restaurant, Opposite Depot, T. R. Carr, Propietor, Private Baths & Running Water.  Henson Insurance and Investment Company, Equitable Life of New York.
These ads come from a 1956 Railway Time Book for Engineers, Firemen, Conductors, Trainmen, Switchmen and Section Men.  Essentially this was a specialized notebook for railroad employees to keep a work record.  Most of the pages are blank journal pages where the employee could record his train runs - dates and times, places, engine numbers, mileage and the like.  The inside back cover is a 1956 calendar.  For some reason the book mixes ads from businesses in Monett, Missouri, and Neodesha, Kansas.  Perhaps Neodesha was a frequent turn around spot for train crews running out of Monett or had some other special relationship to the Frisco.  In an earlier era, some similar special relationship seems to have existed between Monett and Sapulpa, Oklahoma.  Note that Neodesha still had 2 and 3-digit phone numbers, but Monett had gone to 7-digit numbers with the Belmont prefix -- i.e. all numbers in Monett began BE5.
Front Cover, Railway Time Book for Engineers, Firemen, Conductors, Trainmen, Switchmen and Section Men.
Rear Cover, Ad for Mansfield's Clothing.  In the 1925 Mo-Hi ad above, this was Galloway & Mansfield.
Monett Chick Hatchery.  Hatcher's Cafe, Elmer & Jewel Winton, Proprietors.  Bill Buchanan Supply, TV's, Furniture & Appliances.  Here is a photograph of Hatcher's cafe from the early 1950s, with Elmer & Jewel Winton center and Wanda Banks second from left.
Moss IGA Super Market.  A. D. Bradley Gas & Appliance Company.  Crossland Motor Company.  Daricraft, Lloyd Garoutte, Distributor.  Ramsay's, Joplin.  Wilks Lumber Company.
Tuckers Groceries.  Best Cleaners, Max Shreve, Propietor.  Daughtery Studio, Photographs.  Main Variety Store.  F & A Cafe, Clarence & Fern Alyea.  L. G. Jones Texaco Service Station.  O. K. Rubber Welders, Tire Recapping, A. O. Wellbaum.  Davis Hardware.
Lambeth Matresses, Monett.  Various Neodesha, Kansas businesses.
Neodesha, Kansas businesses.
Monett Floral Company.  Local Finance Company, Joplin.  Jeffries Motor Company, Sinclair Products, Wayne O'Banion & Cecil Long.  Oklahoma Tire & Supply, Mr. & Mrs. Ted Strecker.  McGinty-Frolich Clothing.  Reinsmiths Battery Company, Since 1908.  John W. Hunt, Insurance & Real Estate.  Rains Market.  Here is a photograph of the Jeffries Motor Company about 1950.  Jeffries Motor Company Photo GalleryCecil Long Photo GalleryMore Wayne O'Banion.
Randall Insurance.  Broadway Hotel & Coffee Shop.  Mercer's Funeral Home, Oxygen Equipped Ambulances.  Friend Tire Service, Harold & Hubert Friend.
The Pump Tavern, Arval Greenless, Manager.  Cline Hardware.  West Port Service Station, Fred Bounous, Owner.  Suits Credit Jewelry.
Buchanan Funeral Home, Ambulance Service.  Hazel B. Lawson, Notary Public, Income Tax Service.  Binions Furniture, Monett & Aurora.  Shadel Jewelry, Frisco Watch Inspector.
Gillioz Bank & Trust Company.
Worm Appliance.  Gene Horn's Market.  First National Bank, "Our Name as Paying Agent . . . Has Been Printed on Your Frisco Check for Over 50 Years."

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