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Monett Street Scene.  Bill Kenney on an unidentified Monett street.  William Henry Kenney was born October 13, 1892 in Arkansas and died February 26, 1972 in Monett.  He worked for the Frisco from 1915 to 1935, then was city clerk of Monett for 18 years.  This image is from an undated postcard.
Looking North Up Fourth Street.  This postcard view looks north up fourth street across Broadway with the First National Bank on the far corner at left and the sign for Durnil's dry goods store on the near corner at right.  Bill Kenney is the boy in back.  The other occupants are unidentified.  The car is an Overland roadster from about 1911.  Cars from this era are referred to as "Brass Era" cars because much of the trim would have been gleaming brass.  From a New Zealand museum via the internet, the photograph at right shows a somewhat higher-priced version of the same basic car.  Note the "Overland" name on the side of the hood, which is barely visible in the Monett photo.  John Meyer, editor of the Horseless Carriage Gazette, identified the car for me.
Broadway Looking East, June 17, 1908.  This postcard of a Monett temperance parade shows Broadway looking east in June, 1908.  A sign for a bakery is visible on the north side of the street and for furniture and the Indiana House on the south side.
Broadway at Fifth Street.  This image is from a postcard with a 1909 postmark.  The building on the northwest corner is the Monett State Bank, later the Gillioz Bank. 
Fifth Street at Broadway.  This image is from an undated postcard, but around 1910.  The Monett State Bank is in the background.  The occupants of the buggy are unidentified.
Fifth Street.  This image is from a postcard.  The postmark is not clear, but appears to be 1908.  In the 1914 City Directory the Presbyterian church was located at 5th and Cale.  I assume it is the church at left with the postcard looking north.

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