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Treasure Of Your Heart
by Margaret O'Hair

On earth
or in heaven
it is so true. . .
Where your heart is
your treasure is too. . .

The best agility dog
the angels did say
was to come down from heaven
and love you today.
And so he came
to trot by your side
to jump at your bidding
and sometimes to fly.

Your dog,
your joy.
Your partner,
your friend.
It is you and him
for forever and then
. . .you'll always know
whether or not if you win,
that when you're together
your treasure's within.

Oh, can you hear
his heart when he tries?
It beats like the thunder
of wild, stormy skies.
It's strong.
It's deep.
And it's loyal with love!
And it is blessed to your dog
from Someone above!

Your dog,
your joy.
Your partner,
your friend.
It is you and him
for forever and a day.
For it is so true. . .
what they always say
"Where your treasure is,
your heart will be too."

To scramble, to walk it,
to teeter on air.
To tunnel, to over
to turn over there.
To run, to dash,
to jump so high
that it really looks like
he almost can fly!

Your dog, your joy,
your partner, your friend. . .
The years go by too fast,
If they could just last. . .
longer. . .but your eyes mist with tears
when you know you've lost him and
his paws no longer tread on this ground
though they're light overhead
where heaven is found.

And on those rainy,
hard stormy days,
can you hear the thunder?
Oh, his heart is strong while he plays!
He waits by the clouds,
For his name to be said aloud
by his person, his joy,
his partner, his friend.
For the gentle hand
that cradled his head in the end.

The years go by,
and then angels do say
the best agility dog
is to meet you in heaven
and love you today.
He's young again,
and he hears your voice. . .
As you come through the sky,
look at him rejoice!!!
He is the best agility dog,
Look how he flies!!!!

On earth
or in heaven
it is so true. . .
Where your heart is
your treasure is too. . .

Included here with permission of the author. It may not be reproduced or used otherwise without the express permission of Margeret O'Hair



the perfect dog
and the perfect handler
on the ideal course
on the best possible day.

In a classical ballet
I am at once
orchestreal conductor
director and producer

and She is the Olympian and prima donna
every step and motion
executed with precision and grace.

Only I know the sequences
devised moments ago
and rehearsed alone
without my essential partner,
(Step forward, bend left, pivot and wait.)

Her performance is impromptu,
relying utterly on my least gesture and turn
If I am in the exact position
leaning toward or away
at the precise moment

She will respond
trusting implicity.

We soar together
Bonded by our unique telepathy
for this instant into one being
in an apparently effortless
(as the skier, the diver, the gymnast)
illusion of flight.

Months and years of repetition
(the skater on the ice,
the dancer at the barre)
of bonding and mutual discovery
culminate in these hundred heartbeats
of sheer ecstacy and fulfillment
shared and understood
only between us.

Tonight between darkness and dawn
I will rerun in my dreams
these perfect sequences
until they are imbedded in memory.

And when She is dust
and I rock beside the window
I will relive again and again
in an endless loop:

The priceless moments
of impossible flight
the perfection of oneness
on a perfect course
on the best possible day.

by Joanne Killen, St. Petersburg, FL


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