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picture of Brie

Brie came to us in June, 1997 at about 7 weeks of age. I love the tri-color cats, and a friend saw this little kitten that needed a new home. So, she became my birthday gift. She very quickly made herself at home. Soon, she honestly earned the nickname of Brie-Brat. I was spoiled by Dynasty - who was so good. Brie was more the "typical" kitten. Oh well..... I love her anyway.

June 1978 - March 1990

picture of Cinnamon
photo by Sandra Walroth

Cinnamon was a very special cat to me. She was the first pet I had after leaving home. She showed up on our doorstep at about 1 year of age. My suspicions were that she had been abused and had run away from home. She didn't like men, but was literally terrified of older men. It took her about 5 years to get over that fear. She lived to be about 11 years old, and we lost her to feline leukemia.



June 1982 - October 1998

picture of Dynasty
photo by Sandra Walroth

Dynasty came to live with me when she was 9 months old. She belonged to my aunt and uncle. When my uncle passed away, my aunt (who was not in good health herself) decided to place 5 of her 7 cats. When I heard this, I called and asked if she would let Dynasty come live with me. She asked how soon I could come get her! Dynasty was her favorite, too, and was thrilled that she would stay in the family. Dynasty survived my aunt, and lived to be 16 1/2 years old.

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