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Shires Cloud Chaser CGC

At 8 weeks
As an adult
Chase as a puppy Chase as an adult
photos by Sandra L Walroth and Jim Askenase

Chase is a very sweet, gentle dog. For many years, he did pet therapy, and was wonderful. To him, there were no "strangers".

Unfortunately, illness stopped that. He was diagnosed with an ear infection, which wasn't treated right. The infection went systemic, then invaded his brain. At that point, we almost lost him. Thankfully, we were very lucky, and he survived, but he suffered some brain damage. As a result of long term, heavy antibiotic treatment, his immune system was compromised. Several years after the infection, Chase started suffering from seizures. The cause is believed to be the scarring in the brain from the infection.

My advice to all is to be sure you have a good vet, and that all illnesses, even seemingly small ones, are properly and completely treated. No, I have not returned to that vet.

An excellent reference for seizures in dogs is the EPIL-K9's Canine Epilepsy Resource Center.


Chase's pedigree


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