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Horizon's Warp Speed NA NAJ CGC

Geordie as an adult
photo by Jim Askenase

In August of 1995, I was entranced by this gorgeous black tri Aussie. After watching him for two days at a four day show cluster, I finally spoke to his owner. This dog was, at the time, the Number Four rated Aussie in the country, and soon rose to number Two - no wonder I liked him! He turned out to be Am/Can Ch Briarbrook's Full Speed Ahead PT JHD (Razzle) . The next year, I decided to add an Aussie to my Sheltie Clan. I spoke with Razzle's owner, and found out she had a litter of Razz puppies on the ground. So I drove out, and immediately fell in love with 8 week old Geordie. Geordie was 7 months old at the time of this photo.

Geordie's name was well chosen. I loved Razz, and wanted to honor him. Geordie was the first dog I bought after my husband passed away, so there was also the desire to honor him. His first love was space. Prior to his diagnosis of a deformed heart valve, his dream was to become an astronaut. Sadly, that was not to be. But, due to his love of space, he became one of the first "trekkies", becoming hooked on the show Star Trek during the first airing of the first episode. Thus "Warp Speed"! It followed Razz's "Full Speed Ahead". It is also the velocity at which the Enterprise travelled. In Star Trek - The Next Generation, the Chief Engineer, who kept those Warp engines running was Geordi LaForge.

Since Geordie moved in, I have learned so much about Aussies. He has been a real experience, and quite a change from my Shelties. He is a very intelligent dog, with a true desire to work with me. We enjoy our time together.

Unfortunately, Geordie had a very bad experience with another dog, when he was attacked as we were leaving agility class. He was only 1 1/2 years old at the time, and has never forgotten that incident. He is now afraid of any dog who resembles that dog. We took 2 years off to desentize and retrain.

Despite his fears, Geordie was able to enter the agility ring, since he was the only dog in there. He was retired after completing both his Excellent titles. Then we tackled the obedience ring. Individual exercises were'nt so bad, but the groups were quite stressful. It took everything he had, but he did work through those fears enough to complete his CD. He was then retired from obedience.

On January 1, 2005, Rally obedience became a titling sport in AKC. Geordie was one of the dogs to earn his Rally Novice (RN) title on January 2. He has since completed is RA (Rally Advanced).

Geordie has his moments that I will never forget. While friends were visiting, one had a pretty little Sheltie puppy. This puppy enticed Geordie into playing tug-of-war with him. Now, Sunny was so tiny compared to Geordie, but they played like they were equals. Geordie even let Sunny win!! It was quite impressive how he could be so gentle with a puppy, but yet so rough when wrestling with his best buddies, half-sister Dottie and neice Ilea.

Geordie at 7 months
Geordie as a 7 month old puppy

Geordie playing with Sunny
Geordie and Sunny

Geordie at 3 months
photo at 3 months of age by Sandra L Walroth


picture of Razzle

Sire: Am/Can Ch Briarbrooks Full Speed Ahead PT JHD "Razzle"

picture of Jesse

Dam: Am/ASCA Ch Brookridge Lonesome Blue "Jesse"


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